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  • Yeah, I love stuff like that too~

    Yeah, probably. Either way, it would be rather awesome. :3
    It really is! :D

    Probably as he did when he died, I'm guessing. Isn't that how Roku appeared to Aang?

    Then again maybe the past Avatars can appear however they so desire.
    i hated him after that up til i got to play him in CoM xD he whined the whole time but power housing enemies with dark powers was just to awesome!

    haha its was more of a WTF moment cause i was like "wait rikunort was tougher!" but then again i've always found last bosses easier in most games dont know why. ugh to this day i cant beat kh1 sephiroth in kh2 final mix i can beat him on critical at level 50 but even at 99 in kh1 i still lose (goes to show the much less difficulty curve between the games lol)
    lol you should!

    i dunno anymore! psssh you far from immature.

    theres nothing to balance tho :/

    yes 1st and 2nd actually. cashier at Rite Aid -_- the company sucks ass, the customers (due to their mass drug abuse) suck ass and smell like it.
    xD if yer sure~

    it was hollow bastion. i know i was freakin pissed b4 i was done! lol i was to stubborn for that break.
    lol ironically i beat the last boss easier than rikunort and even chernabog >XD think i level grinded so much to beat rikunort that i made the rest easy.
    that was the 1st game on yer own? :D -throws confetti- congrats(belated) then!

    lol i do depending on how the kid acts. im 20 ;D so i think i beat you there.

    but it never does!!!!!

    i wish i had more than one job to compare :[
    Yeah, the new setting's pretty cool.

    Also, the relationship between Tenzin and Korra looks pretty well thought-out. I'm really hoping there's at least one scene where Korra summons Aang to shut Tenzin up or something. XD
    thats pretty cool :3 tho i hope you know just how many steps that is XD

    xD my victory dance came after i beat rikunort, i had to replay that SO many times i still, to this day!, have that part memorized >.<

    ;_; yes. true~ its rare to find a child liker here to XD

    yes :[
    It looks to be a worthy follow-up. :3

    Also, all three of the chibi shorts are on YouTube, so they aren't hard to find.
    Hehe yeah it's great. I only discovered it earlier this year, and fell in love instantly. So hype for Korra~ :3

    Also, this is from one of the web shorts (or mebbe it was a dvd extra) where they're all chibi... :3
    what goal? :O

    haha i died all the time back when kh1 1st came out cause of it XD

    ugh you can have my job. *v* you volunteer didnt know such people actually existed.
    awful >.< today was just awful.
    xD wonder if thats good thing in the long run.

    :cool: nothing wrong with that, nothing at all~

    how are you? :]
    thats good XD be bad to have any more math than that, im bad at it >:

    WOOO! how many fragments so far? i only need two more to have them all but these last to requirements to get them are annoying >:
    :cool: thank you~

    3 times!? a...are you gonna pass? ugh college >.<

    you got it!?!?!?!? hell yeah we can be all paradox-al!
    correct! you get a cookie.

    glad someone is then i never did well xD

    :3 how soon? cause i already have Noel and Serah maxed out.
    Sorry it's been a while. I'm not as active as I use to be so i don't talk to as many people as I use too. How are you? =)
    psssh silly girl sanity is nothing more then insanity on a break *v*

    lol actually i do have to much when not at work....
    yes you do! get it now!!!
    also hi :D
    lol she gave me the best thread in a long time XD

    :rolleyes: whatever you have to tell yer self~


    how are you? :D i've nearly got Noel and Serah to 99 level in all roles!
    I'm good. May I ask what your old user name was? I'm sorry I don't recognize you. ^_^
    SHE WAS!? STILL!? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    hahah you went fan girl XD

    i has proof~

    that image made me lmao XD
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