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  • Good point. However that was pretty funny XD

    Your welcome. Okay I will after I read them. Right, still it's a really unique pairing of Vanitas an Kairi.

    Oh okay.

    That's good. I know what you mean essays are definitely a pain to write. Cool, so you like to draw stuff then?

    I'm doing good, been multitasking all day yesterday and somewhat today. Finally got a break but still have to work on some chapters for a fanic I'm doing. And helping out with the chapter Lan was doing for our fanfic. So I've been pretty busy.
    Yes. I could never do that. I'm always in awe how some people can go on and on, with theories or debates. It's very impressive. Even so, if you want to contribute something, then don't be afraid to post. That being up to you though of course! Some members are more uh, what's the word. Well, can bring more to the table. Let's go with that. Haha...
    Well, if you do want to see them then I can send you a link to the site where I watch them, and it has other anime and stuff too, if you like that kind of stuff. I mostly just go for the movies, since they are Japanese but there is English too. ^^

    They mispronounce it, sometimes... It all depends I guess how you wanna say it. I get the angel as in the word. I also get in Spanish since most of my family speaks Spanish anyways. Depends on the person.

    Well, there is always going to be haters. Not much we can do but ignore them, and hopefully they won't be too annoying. That's what HC are for. You don't need to be listed to be a member, you are right. Even so, it's nice to be a part of something other people like. Coming from the person that barely goes in the FI... *lol*
    That's what I remember most about CoM. Larxene being evil and junk. Don't forget she also slapped Namine and messed with Repliku. I for one want to see her character be more developed, being her heartless or human form. Whichever would be fine, and more development with the other members that aren't whored out. T_T
    Haha, well not everybody does the input thing very well, yet some people have like a zillion posts. It al depends on what you post and I guess if you think your posts are worth something. I do get that the ones that can post awesomely are ones to be respected. Either way post count isn't very important, it's what you bring to the table and whatnot. Like when we used to have rep points. xD
    Oh, I have a site to where I can see them, it's just I've been either not in the mood or just very lazy to go on there. I don't come on the computer everyday, you see!

    Thank you! I always thought it was an okay name. Perhaps I just don't know how lucky I am. ^^;;;

    Same here. I don't usually get why people hate a character so much. Dislike, yes, but not hate. Well, make sure to ask if you can be a member. For the most part, as long as you like or love the character then I pretty much think you are in. Eh, well I got interested in Riku again because of his haircut, since I never liked his longer hair in KH2. So that's cool, as for Terra well I always liked him. Larxene was just so different and mean, it was a nice change of pace in the squeaky clean game that is KH. She almost seemed out of place, didn't you think so? lol
    Ahaha, oh right. I do get the two plus signs. To tell you the truth, I don't know why I put a plus sign. If I remember correctly, I was thinking about synthesis I think. As for posting, I used to post a lot, when I first joined but then I just stopped and got bored. Now, I usually post in one or two threads consecutively than posting in every thread I see. Hence why I am heading for three years and still not made platinum like the other people here. xD
    Oh, I know! I'm been craving to see My Neighbor Totoro, but I haven't been in the mood lately. Though I seen Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Ponyo by the Sea. So awesome!

    I never though of that... Haha. Everyone loves my name! <3 lol

    Don't hate any character. I used to dislike a certain character, but I kinda forgot about it and I guess I'm just neutral now, honestly. I do love the reasons though the Kairi FC gives though. People are so uh mean sometimes though for disliking her though. :C
    Overall fav? Haha, probably Riku or Terra. Then Kairi and Namine are somewhere around there as well. Oh! I forgot about Larxene! xD
    Ah, I see. Welp, not a problem! You aren't the first person, and I guarantee you not the last. When I first joined on here that confused some people cause they thought I was their friend because of the + sign. Plus, I don't mind the people to talk to, since I hardly post at all... lol
    Oh, and yes. It is!~ It's a really awesome movie I think. Even if I didn't finish watching all of it. Anything Miyazaki I usually fall for. xD

    Nice to meet ya! You can call me Kiwi or Angel (my real name). *_* Whichever, I don't mind.

    I don't think she is my fav, but I like her more than Sora. Plus, I'm not a hater that's for sure. I don't get why some people don't like her. :p

    Sorry if I take long to answer... I just got a 3DS and I'm fixated on it at the moment. ^^;;;
    Ah, I was bored and was just gonna say hi since you visited my profile. Hi there!! :D

    Also, cause I saw you where a big Kairi fan as well, huh? That's very refreshing. ^^
    True, as long as there done right XD

    7!? You work really fast! Your welcome, I enjoy reading fanfic's so I'll be happy to read yours :) well it's up to you on the romance.

    I really like that idea!! It's fantastic! I can't wait for that story to come out! XD

    Hi there. Good afternoon to you too =)

    So how are you doing today?
    Like wise XD

    Indeed they are a lot of fun. Same here, I like humor the most with a mix of drama. Wow a 100 chapters! That's a lot. Cool, could I read them sometime? Okay I'll keep it a secret and won't tell anyone about it. Should be an interesting pairing. Sure, I don't mind helping out with advice and ect.

    Uh huh XD Goodnight MegaGirl. Bye.
    Well, good luck!

    I'll have to get it back at some point. I actually liked the game.

    True, true.

    You're welcome! I'm glad you like it! It is UTTERLY FANTASTIC.
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