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  • It's alright, I get a lot of work to do myself so I know it can be hard to get back to everyone.

    It's a pleasure to meet you too, MegaGirl. You can call me KK. Lol it's pretty random that even I'm not sure where it's entirely going at times. But it will become I suppose more clearer in later chapters. Good, I'm happy to know you enjoy it so much. It really motivates me and Lan when we hear things like that. So Thank you. What kind of fanfic's do you like? Do you write any?

    Aw, I'm happy to have made a new friend today too =)
    Are you in College?

    "There, you are now are..." DANG IT! My copy was stolen over a year ago and now I can't remember that line! DANG IT!

    Maybe Tenri. I think he kinda liked her before. Just, dismissed her since she wasn't virtual. He did bring up the fact she was the girl next door when she wasn't or dismissed her because she wasn't... there was something about how her house was on corner to his and how it effected their relationship.

    Yeah, into this crappy economy where a job is few and far between.

    Roxas is cool. Lexaeus, though, is awesome. I wrote something on him... 358/2 Days Countdown: V*-*Kingdom Hearts Insider (What the fans think part)

    Elsie/Firetruck is eternally canon! But for our hero...

    Good evening!
    Hello. Thank you for telling me what you think of it. Both me and Lan try our best writing it. I hope you enjoy it further later on when you read more of it.
    Yep. You should see what the song is. Yep it's an upgrade Sora got offscreen. Ah sad you need to play the games so fun.
    I figured he was due that since his kidnapping of her. I'm a fan of Axel and I try and give each character the respect they need.....even Riku.
    Ah, the joys of graduating...

    I'm sure they would have. Lexaeus is actually my favorite though.

    Indeed. Poor Russi.

    Yes, I do. Along with Black Butler, Princess Resurrection, Loveless, FMA, and a few others. I kinda like Chihiro, but Ayumi put out the feelers for Chihiro to date, so that is interesting... Elsie is such an airhead though.

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