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  • Well, just give it a shot.

    Nice. What do you think about R(oxas)/A(xel)/D(emyx) friendship?

    Oh yes indeed. Mickey/Minnie is so cute! (And even more when you know Mickey's old VA (Wayne Allwine) was married to Minnie's VA (Russi Taylor). He died a few years ago though. (sad))

    OOH, excellent choice. So, who is the final goddess? And now I'm wondering if Haqua or Elsie could hold a goddess...
    Private is voiced by James Patrick Stuart... AKA Xigbar. Yes, really. I really like Skipper. He's just so... paranoid and military he's so funny! (And you'll like my new sig then...)

    My prompts have too. They have to show the development of a relationship. Want to see what I have so far?

    OOohh... my (KH) ships are Riku/Kelsi, Aqua/Zack, Master Xehanort/Cosmos, Ienzo/Vanessa (Phineas and Ferb) Disney canon couples, Repliku/Xion, some SoKai but I'm not absolutely sold. I love Bromance and Sismance (Friendships that are really deep) and Queer/Hetplatonic are great too. (Even deeper then Bro/Sismance)

    Check it out! It is absolutely fantastic, especially the smuggling arc. Unfortunately it's on Hiatus right now, but that means you can catch up easily without worrying about falling behind! What Magna do you read?
    I'm a Brony and I like Penguins of Madagascar... which could only be more different if one of them was somehow live action.

    I'm doing a 50 (for two couples so it works out to 100) theme project too. 150 words for each couple. My two couples are Master Xehanort/Cosmos and Riku/Kelsi (HSM) Yes... I do some weird ships.

    Who do you ship?

    (And I read magna too. I LOVE Liar Game)
    Wow, I'm flattered. I'm Mina and I hang out here now and then. Yes, I do write fanfics (Here Comes the Bride is my baby and I'm fond of Rapture too, and my one shots of course) Er, yeah....

    What do you like?
    I'm good. What ya got to write? Also working on the new chapter, but having a hard time. Also thinking of doing a Zelda fic.
    When I finish the first chapter, I'll give you both my full opinion on it. Like I said, it'll take a while...
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