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  • lol... I can pass sometimes as a girl because I have my Mom's hair and face... but I'm also pretty tall
    I was Sailor jupiter... Thedid me up pretty good, no one recognized me...did have it's benefits though... got paid 100 bucks for it
    truedat... I got into crossdressing anime after something happened to me at an anime convention involving sailor scouts
    Pretty Face? That's with the plastic surgery, right? I know were I can read the first ... 52 chapters, it seems. I'll check it out sometime. Thanks. :D
    okay Zar... another great example of that kind of relationship is one of my favorite Manga Called 'Pretty face'
    (oh okay) yeah they do go well together... But I'd say we deserve to talk on a first-name basis now... I'm renn May I ask yours?
    oh I see... I like the anime mostly for the thrills but the inner struggles of most characthers is what adheres me to the anime itself... I'm an outcast, much like Naruto is at the beginning and unlike Naruto I don't have a figure that pulls me up like Iruka does for Naruto in the first episode... But another element I like that I find in manga and anime nowadays are the romances that opposites attact, a common example is Hinata and Naruto... Naruto is hardly a stranger yet Hinata is a typical shy girl... and so she trains hard to overcome her weaknesses because she wants the strength to confess to Naruto... She does confess before she dies in shippuden though... (sorry if you didn't know that)
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