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Recent content by meep2meep

  1. meep2meep

    Kh3 difficulty questions...

    Please no game spoilers. Do we know if there are benefits from starting the game on higher difficulties? (Like in 2fm extra ap and abilities). Also is critical available from the start?
  2. meep2meep

    KH All in One pre-order question.

    Hey, quick question people's. Was on the ps4 store and the pre-order bonus for the bundle includes ps4 theme (I'm assuming the same theme for every other kh3 pre-order) and "custom playstation keyblade". Was just curious if it's the midnight blue that one gets with a normal kh3 pre-order...
  3. meep2meep

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -The Story So Far- Coming October 30th for PlayStation 4

    Re: KINGDOM HEARTS �The Story So Far� Coming October 30th for PlayStation 4 Definitely their most tame title outside the numbered ones....
  4. meep2meep

    Roxas and Vanitas?

    Thoughts? Also OMFG ITS ROXAS [See avatar pic] XD XD
  5. meep2meep

    Interview with Nomura- Everyeye.it (Aug 27, 18)

    Hey guys, just found a link to an interview with Nomura. https://www.everyeye.it/amp/articoli/intervista-kingdom-hearts-3-tetsuya-nomura-parla-del-processo-creativo-del-gioco-40502.html?__twitter_impression=true It was posted yesterday and I havent seen mention of it on the site yet. If this...
  6. meep2meep

    Radiant Garden Confirmed...

    Havent seen a topic bout this yet but yeah look behind Ienzo. Time stamp 2:39, also note he may not be talking to Sora, the cutting makes it look like he is but I dunno. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBSutrxP8yM That is Tron's portal. (btw I just wanna say I'm not the first person to find...
  7. meep2meep

    Theory: Ultima Keyblade/ Keyblade Armor

    One of the gameplay elements I've noticed that has been neglected to be discussed is the presence of item synth. I don't doubt that it will be present in the game in some shape or another, also being the only way to obtain Ultima. Thinking about Sora's keyblade transformations and what they'll...
  8. meep2meep

    Gameplay questions (for those who attended)

    Hey peoples, I have a few quick questions for those that were able to play at the premiere event. None of the questions are spoilery all are pertaining to gameplay mechanics....really appreciate some of these answers. I realize that gameplay tweaks will be made and that what the testers played...
  9. meep2meep

    Worlds and the princesses

    So, how likely is it that Sora and the gang will venture to the princesses of heart world's? Tbh I really don't wanna go to agrabah again... that being said I'd actually be really down with a world reminiscent of the end of the world from kh1. There could be different "portals" that Sora can go...
  10. meep2meep

    So about Riku....

    So for those who have watched the theme trailer. After the song Mickey and Riku are talking... Riku leaves his "broken" keyblade there and says in case other me needs it. Uhhhhhh so does he have a nobody?!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc2vEr-618g If this is a re-post thread then just close it :)
  11. meep2meep

    Is KH2 Platinum doable in critical mode?

    To be honest, I'd consider kh2 critical the simplist to plat (personal opinion). There are no missable or time constraint trophies and I'm not sure how much you know but if you start critical you get certain "advantages" Difficulty Level | Kingdom Hearts Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia (Possible...
  12. meep2meep

    Consolidated Sub-Thread?

    Hey, I was just curious why the site doesn't have a consolidated sub-thread about KH merch, I glanced through the stickys and couldn't find anything? I think having one would be cool... especially when I can find announced merch that doesn't have a thread created about it. By having a sub-thread...
  13. meep2meep

    Need quick clarification

    Yes that is correct. I had youtube cc on and thats what it showed up with. Watched it again (in game) and it does say him not them. Just out of curiosity, which part of my timeline do you find questionable? (It looks like I'm actually trying to prove this theory now and not just looking for...
  14. meep2meep

    Need quick clarification

    Lol tbh the timeline was fairly easy to do. The secret reports from 358/2 had alot of the dates. Rewatched a bunch of cutscenes and the ultimania had alot of info too :)
  15. meep2meep

    Need quick clarification

    1) tbh I have no idea how this conversation would take place... through what super convoluted method this series would explain... hearts connect weirdly and the ability to have characters in different world's converse with another or within themselves varies from encounter to encounter (I.e...