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  • Religion never came up 'till when I was around this age.

    It was just natural for me not to. From a young age I was like "ew, no". And my culture (or pop-culture as I was exposed to it) isn't like the Arabs mind you, sexuality left and right.
    Can I ask if you're on a wired or wireless connection? If wired, (and using Windows Vista or 7), type 'ncpa.cpl' into your search bar in the start menu, then double click the ethernet connection that comes up. Open up its properties, and click the 'configure' button. In the advanced menu, go down to 'Speed and Duplex', and change it to the highest possible speed and at full duplex. That should massively bump up your internet speed. If your connection dies, pick the next option down, preferably at full duplex, until you find the one that works for you.

    I think this part just sounded cool :3
    Also, remember how I said that in the science guide there would be a digression on fire? I feel there needs to be one on lightning for a similar reason: lightning is just the visual manifestation of electricity, as ionised atoms along a path shed energy as electrons drop down in their shells, ejecting photons. Also should probably establish that for a lighting bolt to realistically strike something, there needs to be an already somewhat ionised path for the arc to travel along. Also the fact of the sound of such a phenomenon, even only arcing along a few metres, would likely do some temporary damage to the ears of anyone nearby.
    Of course that's the role for you :3

    Maybe a healing/regeneration quasi-architect would be cool, able to - perhaps - wind back time on certain areas or subjects, undoing injury or damage to environments. Need that previously-blown-up wall back up for some cover? 'Heal' it by rewinding it.

    I'm having lots of fun mucking around with targeted or specific architect-power roles.
    So, that's why your posts, rps, and your characters are always so over-the-top. :O

    Yeah, it's so fun to watch, but I don't think I'd ever try it. Now, if I had training in gymastics, then that might be a different story. Haha.

    I've been trying my best to get a job, but the economy over here is just horrid. I mean, not like I'm complaining about the free time I have, but it would be nice to have money. ;-;

    Ahh, it's in early development(writing it out and such), but it's pretty much about a tear of two strong countries who made a name for themselves to mind their own damn business, and stay out of each other's toes, but the rise of a new, evil king changed that all. He wants to invade, and conquer the other country in hopes of having a unified union of sorts. And the only hope of the country being targeted is to get a legendary...well legend, and have him help them fight, but as a legend, it would be hard.

    Yeah, I know the plot is a bit up there, but I'm just writing it for the thrill of it, and if it just so happens that it gets published in the future, then that's an added bonus. but it's like I said, it's still in early development, but I believe that's the base of the plot. :)

    Yeah, I think anyone who has a knack for writing, wants to - and most of the time - will write a novel, it all just depends on their imagination, and not a love for having a lot of money(lol like thats possible XD). But seriously, I'd love to hear the outline of the plot if your willing to share. :) It has to be better then my poo. xDD
    Ha, yeah if only for a couple minutes. I decided to stop by quickly and say hello to everyone.
    I'm sure even if internet was out, I'd write countless poems..and yes I still write my poetry :D
    Have you ever thought of trying out Parkour?
    Must've been some jump. xD

    Oh, I've been awesome, and for someone like myself who has no job, and has no plans to go to college within the next year, I am just fine and dandy. While I'm being lazy every day and all day, I'm trying to improve my craft(s) bit by bit. I'm also in the process - though very sluggish - of writing a novel and/or short story. Yeah, not really sure what I want to do with it, but I'm sure having a blast writing it. :D
    You like to debate, so that's understandable. x3

    Damn, I can't even get one book read in two months. I have the mindset, I just get distracted by computer. xD
    Was it a Parkour type of obstacle course or something different?
    Rationality is what I think makes you unique. :)
    What makes it worse is that it happened to her twice--and there was nothing she could do to reverse it.
    Still, as you said, her official grades for the course are probably much better as a result. I sincerely hope that my college/university keeps better records, though...
    Your going to make one hell of a brain surgeon someday.

    I didn't consider the applications of disregarding pain to where it becomes costly, being unable to monitor the loss of blood would be proven fatal. At the same time, I do recall making a character for another roleplay using less detailed but more isolated traits from the nervous system and circulatory system portrayed into vision. I narrowed it down to blocking outward influence, from telepaths as well as various frequencies from sounds used in a branch of hynosis. Coined it something along the lines as to perspective renewal.

    Naturally I'm more certain your translation would be more accurate of how in theory something like that is possible. It also makes me think, how telepath's influence the brain with thoughts or suggestions where the victum is un/consciously adhering and obeying.

    I actually have another question (sorry man, I'm just so curious its pretty exciting). The sixth sense? Usually referred to as an obscure feeling of heat entering the vicinity, or a general sense of presence. Similar to being half awake, and already registering the objects in the room, but say something in motions strums by, and it disturbs the half-awake sleeper. What would you derive this as?
    I actually like the concept of (electrical) signals being individualized. That clears out a great deal of my skepticism to envision it in that perspective. In turn, when the vision itself isn't active I'd like to mention the body resumes its regular involuntary control (as to avoid suddenly passing out).

    My next question comes from the general nerves, and deciphering the two common sensations. The first being pain and the non, pleasure. To be honest I've seen this to be a little more practical with human cyborgs over naturally enhanced human beings. Being able to dull or numb the nerves receiving pain, which I think is fairly sound, but doesn't negate actually being hurt or receiving damage but delaying the additional mental strain.

    When I say that, I envision it something along the lines of thinking about pain at the same time of actually enduring it, feels as if half of it becomes mental. Two French Boxers that clobber each other think about the wounds because the tissue along the nerves has been bruised so aside from sustaining wounds, the body is constantly 'shouting' that its hurt which deters the ability to concentrate on remaining conscious. When I think about how amazing the nervous system is, to sovereign it is similar to sitting in a room full of monitors and being able to transition simultaneously between all the screens and collect the information.

    Still, my indirect explanations of similar functions sometimes don't benefit nearly as much as 'how things actually happen'.
    While I won't spoil anything further, I will say that the sequence takes place in Cuddy's mind.
    It definitely makes more sense in context.

    The middle-aged women are rejoicing.

    Well, she's a tech, and has been so for quite some time. The university's sloppy record-keeping has actually forced her to retake several of her classes, and dragged out her schooling considerably. And yes, children lose their charm much too quickly.

    After everything settles down, it'll gradually slip out of public memory--or at least the public memory overseas.
    Alright man, I have a pretty far stretching question in concerns with the nervous system. Despite my relentless and incessant reviewing I'm always a second opinion gathering kind of guy.

    I came upon building a character for the initiative, whom had vision that emulated a voluntary emission over the nervous system (as a whole). Would you find it farfetched, to percieve things as said character with some form of [neural]tele'pathy?

    I actually have no intentions of making a mind reader, just a standard locator, and using the very same form of telepathy to act as an aperture deducing body movements, but the practicality in the second half of that really comes with stressing to the extent one 'can' and 'in what way' perceive as well as recieve the signals.

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