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  • hey man i need help again (my math class totally sucked because we never did anything and got no where... yeah fuck that class)

    anyway what are unit rates? how are they done?

    example problem: 270 miles in 6 hours
    I'm as insane as any genius. You know, all of these sane people do nothing in there lives. Tell me, when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, wan't he insane? Would you go outside during a huge thunderstorm? When Columbus discovered America, didn't you think he was crazy going towards where back then people thought that he might have went off the end of the world? Insanity isn't bad in moderation, I'm just insane enough to live.
    I sure am glad that I'm only insane to a fault. I don't plan on getting murdered by The Goddamn Batman.
    Wait, House (you) are friends with The Batman? What the hell, is KHInsider Forums all just a cover-up for a big genius get-together to find out how to fix Global Warming? Truly amazing.
    home - NVART 06: MOVING INNOVATION - cyber
    home - NVART 06: MOVING INNOVATION - cyber
    home - NVART 06: MOVING INNOVATION - cyber
    home - NVART 06: MOVING INNOVATION - cyber
    home - NVART 06: MOVING INNOVATION - cyber
    This has been bugging me for a couple of seconds.

    Say I have a kid with my wife. She's pregnant.

    Until how many months do you suppose sex is still an option?
    Yeah, my virginity makes me a unicorn around my friends, Muslims included.

    I definitely agree. I strongly believe religiosity needs to be directly proportional to spirituality, lest you either lose your faith to nasty, close-minded attitudes or materialistic, selfish whims
    Heh heh, I know. I was trying to be righteous.

    Most Muslims give religion more thought, if they want it in their lives post secondary-school.

    Everyone gets into shit during school and says sorry later.
    Sex is pretty integral to the faith. I mean, you literally get rewarded for consensual monogamous sex.

    "yeah, i got to heaven cuz i banged my wife a lot"
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