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  • It's not all different! Dogenzaka's still here! See? That's something!

    Negative time? Uh... well... uh... what?
    You mean Mirosius?

    Wait... what does this have to do with the funeral in our bedroom?
    wait... i can't see? andandand... we have a bedroom?

    what? who is misorious? who commented on what? OH GOD I AM SO CONFUSED DESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You did.

    That's nice to hear. My High School's looking nice, too! And I even know a ton of people! ^^
    'Cuz I wanted to make a pun, and it was the only one I could think of. ;)

    I totally didn't know you were in college. Some spouse I make.
    We never talk... Or even remotely interact, but we're married...

    Be a man! Take some initiative! Or I will! And I'll, very simply put, be initiating divorce procedures exclusively.
    Telephone. That thing was absolute shit. And I swear I own at least two songs she ripped off in it. However, that's as far as my hatred goes.

    Oh, and when I said I didn't care, I mean I'm not going to go around listening to every single thing she's ever made. It means I'm going to completely ignore her, or, as that's not possible, not form/express opinions. For example, Bad Romance wasn't that bad. I mean, I could do a better version of it, but thst's just 'cuz I'm great, and in no way has any bearing on her talent.

    For the record, I usually only listen to singles whenever I look up an artist initially, so when I say "Majority", I usually mean the majority of the artist's singles.
    Well, you win.

    Upon looking at the majority of "her" work, I can truthfully say I simply don't care about anything she's ever done... With one exception.

    My hatred is reserved entirely for Telephone, and its accompanying video.
    Well my life's pathetic too! Aside from our Husband/Wife relations, we can even be Doom Buddies!

    Relations are fine. I just don't think my position really allows for it.

    My school starts on the first Monday of September, and ends at the end of June. That means you have less school than me, I think...

    I spelt exaggerating wrong... And, for the record, I don't think the dictionary clearly defined what sice meant in any of the definitions...
    It's your own fault for choosing people who think they have a duty to society for friends...

    I'd have talked to my friends, but I consider initiating things to be kinda pathetic... Well, considering my relations with them.

    I wasn't aware of that... And, fun fact, in Canada, the only people who get off on Jewish and Muslim holidays are the ones who practice them.

    I thought you were saying you were exxagerating... Or something.
    Then why not go see them...

    May? Damn, I think you got a longer vacation than meeee... But what kind of school lets off that early?!

    That taught me nothing...
    Well, are you lonely?

    Two weeks? Aww... You don't get a full vacation? Well, I'll be sure to rub that in. :3

    Sice? Do you mean slice?! For you, anything! *Takes out cleaver and makes slicing motions*
    S&M is only dark when you get into stuff like actual, illegally owned sex slaves. Until then, it's just a tiny bit creepy, and very sexual/painful.
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