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  • Nah, don't be! I needed to go to the dentist, cause of how long it's been. xD And that's great! What are you writing? :D (If you don't mind me asking?)
    Hi Superior Lanydx! How are you?

    The puppy is doing good, getting along with the other dogs finally, and I've been doing okay, despite my recent visit to the dentist today. xD And I'm getting some more sleep, therefore, I'm doing better. Thank you for asking. How're things with you?
    Earthsea sounds really familiar. That didn't happen to be turned into a movie, did it? Playing Pokemon White 2 sounds like fun. And it's a good idea, cause playing the game you're writing a fanfic on can help a lot. I do that sometimes with Undertale. xD

    I'm doing okay! I've been busy with yard work, so I'm usually exhausted by the end of the day and stuff. I hope you're doing okay too!
    Sure, you can tweak whatever you want in the chapter! :)

    It's your fanfic, so I'm down with anything. I'm just tossing stuff out of my closet right now. xD
    That's good to hear! =) I'm down for your idea, cause that'd be awesome to add in. xD Aww, making the author/writer be responsible for Slendy. </3
    I still got to write the part about the confrontation with Omega Flowey but, I think I made this chapter long enough as it is. I'll be working on the next part to go with it, so we can move onto the Genocide Route. xD
    How is it going tonight? I actually started binge watching some of Walt Disney's older works. I believe, the eldest was a series of short, black and white films called Alice Comedies. The series was about a little girl that would land into cartoon frames and interact with them.
    Thank you for the video!

    I'm sorry I haven't been around too much recently. I was sick all of last week, but I'm better now.

    As for OPF, I'm currently working on the next chapter. I'll share some of it with you tonight or later, when I have more than a few sentences written.

    How're you btw?
    F-Four years?! ouo That's a long time to be dealing with them! I'm surprised you guys waited till now to make a case for it!
    That's incredibly scary you're living with roaches. :c I cross my fingers that you win the case because, that's crazy that you have roaches in your apartment.
    Whole issue? :3

    A while ago I got burnt out from doing forum related stuff, so I took some time off. Mostly doing the usual household chores, playing games off of steam like Night in the Woods, and been drawing on the side. Or watching Netflix. Nothing super complex happening on my end. Although on Wednesday, we had some crazy wind knocking down trees, power, and ect. :3 Thank you for asking!
    Welcome! xD I seen your voice cast for Pokemon earlier today. I recognized about three names in your list. And that's great you got it out of the way after so long!
    You're welcome, Lan. =D In the meantime, how're you doing? Life good?

    Also, I'm working on editing the chapter you recently sent me too! And I'll have a review for that one as well! <3
    Yup, it's official out now. I know a few people are streaming it. And spoilers are everywhere it seems. xD Did you get Breath of the Wild too?

    How are you? Still fighting against writers block any?
    OPF is currently on hold because, I put a few important things off. I'm hoping to get to it sometime next week. And it's okay to ask! I don't mind. =D

    You're welcome.
    Oh, I wasn't aware of that. My bad. :c

    Anyways, that's quite something if you're starting way back from KH1. I'm curious to see what that would be like! xD
    I doubt you've lost your mind.

    Now, when you say retold. Do you mean like what you had before by making a parody of it? Except for a third time. Or you do literally mean, taking the actual KH storyline and making it how you envision it? Except sticking strictly to all of the canon stuff? ouo
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