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  • Yup. I was feeling the urge to change it fairly recently. How are you doing btw?

    And as far as name changes go, I think this will be probably my last one until my original username KingdomKey is available again someday in the future. xD (Yeah, somebody took it earlier this year. </3)
    Oh no need to tone it down! It's only me, so please don't limit yourself or feel restrained or anything that takes away your writing freedom, alright? It would sadden me if that would happen... :'[ so what if I dont ship it? Write away what you imagine and feel you want ^^
    Oh yeah! I'm in Michigan. I'm way up north, so I won't be hit by anything. No worries. I hope you're equally safe because, I heard there's wild fires out west and by California.

    I haven't seen season two of MHA but, I know a lot of people like it. And why not have both dark and slice of life stuff happen in OPF?
    Season one or two? :D My Hero Academia is pretty good. I watched the first season awhile back. <3 That's great to hear you're making progress with Pokemon and OPF! Yikes, sorry it's been hot over there. I'd suggest a cold shower, or soaking your feet in cold water to help cool you off some. :3 Or a trip to the beach! And a fire. o.o That's scary. But huzzah! Friday being payday is awesome!
    I'm doing good at the moment, somewhat tired out from a rainy day, but it's all good. How are you, Lan? :D I also didn't know you happened to like My Hero Academia. Are you reading the manga or watching the anime? Sonic Mania is pretty cool.
    Hey Lan, I'm alive and well! That's super awesome to hear your friend really loved her birthday present you wrote for her! :D And getting paid is niiiice.

    How is life? How's your cats? Up to anything in particular lately? Hope you are doing well! (>o<)/
    A cook out sounds awesome. Captain America would make a great choice for some patriotism. xD
    You're welcome. And yes, it's super polished and looks like it'll be worth the wait after all this time. xD It's so nice to have Donald and Goofy to fight along side with.

    What's an art trade? And how'd work go?

    Haha, it's certainly been hot enough to feel like beach weather. Everyone in town is out using their hose for their pools to keep cool. xD

    You're welcome. I understand! I'm sure in time you'll get a PS4 to play those games. =D
    Aw, that's sweet. It is that time of year for everyone to graduate. And that's great! Have fun swimming with Sarah! I wish it were hot enough to go to the beach around here, but alas, I'll settle for having nice weather for now.

    Aw, well I hope you get it soon. Definitely a game worth picking up whenever you get the chance. xD
    No, no! Don't be sorry! I was kidding! I'm just surprised is all. And wait, hold your horses. Mega has an older sister? And you were a thing with Mega's older sister awhile ago?! :O Whoa, that's even more surprising. Disney songs are a good choice. There's quite a few of them that I like to this day still. How're things with you and Sarah btw? (If it's okay to ask. Otherwise, I'll understand.)

    True. Switch would make the most sense in this day and age. It's definitely a good move on Nintendo's part, since they've evolved in a good direction with their consoles after the Wii U being an issue. Anyways, I'd be shocked if they do make KH3 for a multiplatform, including FFXV, and FFVIIR. It's cool you have Splatton2 and Xenoblade 2 to look forward to. You have breath of the wild?! OH MY GOSH IT'S SO AWESOME! It's okay if you're slow with games. Breath of the Wild is a game to take at your leisure. It's breathtaking and a lot of fun. xD
    You used to surf too?! :O No, no you did not tell me you can swim! I had no idea! That's amazing! And what else aren't you telling me?! xD lol.


    It's good to hear nothing has changed from your cats. And yeah, it'd be amazing if we get some news on KH3. I'll stay a little optimistic about it for now. It's possible! Save up money for a Switch among other things would be nice. :D I hear good things about the Switch. In a way, I wonder if the Switch will be the replacement for DS and 3DS?
    Nah, it's alright. I'm going on a leap of faith that the new battery will fit and make my computer work better. It's okay, I don't mind the sneezing too much. xD Pearl is doing well! She's continuing to grow a lot bigger and knows at least two basic commands from me right now. Still energetic as ever. lol. How're your cats doing?
    I'll be sending the OPF chapters this week to you. :D Yes, expect good things from said chapters! And things are going okay, mostly trying to catch up on everything. Again. lol. Sorry you're feeling under the weather, but it's awesome to hear that you're working now. Whereas for myself, it's been allergies all week long. ;__;

    As for my laptop battery, it'll be arriving between June 5-8th, cause it's not part of Amazon Prime. </3 Did replacing your laptop battery make it work better btw? Since it happened to you awhile ago?
    oh hello, i just saw this. haha

    i've been around ^^ i post like twice a month now but i just can't rid myself of this forum. it's too dear to me
    It'd be Fubata! <3 The geeky one with glasses and hacking skills. lol.

    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your pictures from Disney Land! :D How soon are you going to Disney Land btw?
    That's awesome! I hope you have a blast at Disney Land! :D Ride the rides, stay for fireworks, and eat food sounds like a whole lot of fun. This is why I love summer so much. You're living the summer dream~ <3

    And Persona 5 is a lot of fun. Definitely a good story. Plenty of hot girls to make ones waifu. And a great compelling story to boot.

    A wedding one shot of Sora, Kairi, and Yuffie would be pretty neat. I've never heard of a three way marriage before, but I'd be down for reading something like that. ;D And good to know you have plans for a Pokemon chapter~
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