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  • Lol wow that sucks. Yeah the flooding is ridiculous.

    Just started college recently, its been great so far.
    No, not too badly affected mind you.

    Lost power for couple hours and then it came back, ya know which was a good thing because i was ready to lose my mind.
    I like the way you're tying in Xemnas's appearances from the first story into this one. I also enjoy how you've had Aqua disapprove of DiZ's beliefs.

    Take your time. Better than just hashing something together.

    Ah, Port Royale would be PERFECT!

    You did what you could with Days. Personally I think Aqua should still have a discussion at some point with Xemnas.

    I'm wondering though... where does it end? Are you gonna wait for DDD to come out and then do a "RE" of that? Or will you wrap everything up for good in KH2?
    Oh nice.

    Just read it... GREAT JOB! It must have taken a while to rewrite the game's script, but you really did well.

    I would like to make a few suggestions:

    Thus far, the events of the games have unfolded as they actually do in the series. But I think you should take Aqua's involvement further. I think she should alter things severely.

    Aqua's an incredibly brilliant Keyblade Master. You've shown this in your story... which makes sense for her taking things further. I think that if she WAS in the series at this point, she'd come up with a different plan for fighting the organization.

    Also, it isn't necessary to have ALL the KH2 worlds in your story. Just pick the ones YOU want. Sora wasn't even locking the keyholes to world hearts in KH2 anyway... he was just opening pathways to new worlds.

    Anyway, love your writing and creativity, and I'm happily anticipating the continuation of this saga.
    I've been busy been with working this summer. yeah i was one of the lucky few to get job, sure i flip burgers and deal with stupid people all day but at least i get paid for dealing with stupidity.

    Thanks, I finally have POWER!


    Who else but Xemnas?!?!

    He's Xemnas! Xemnas!

    You never really know which heart he's gonna steal next!

    He's Xemnas! Xemnas!

    It's been a long time... SINCE WE LAST HAD SEX!

    He's Xemnas! Xemnas!

    Aqua's the only one I do!

    Aqua: ...Xemmy, please don't compare yourself to that perv.

    Xemnas: I'm the Superior here... I'll do what I want!

    Aqua (angered): Oh really?

    Xemnas (fearful): Now hold on, Aqua... I wasn't undermining your authority.

    Aqua: Sorry, you're gonna have to be punished for this.

    (Soon enough, Xemnas is tied to their bed)

    Xemnas: THIS is your punishment?

    Aqua: No... the punishment is I haven't shaved anything for a month.


    (Aqua throws off her top)

    Xemnas: ...on second thought, I like hedgehogs.

    I don't know WHAT I am anymore. All I know is I can now close my own thread, but not other people's, so I guess it's a perk of being a member with a high post count.
    Well if he DID, that would make BBSV2 awesome!!!

    M RATING ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! =D

    By the way, today I found out I have the power to close my own threads.
    1. Loved ReChain, already reviewed.

    By the way, did Vexen REALLY write a book explaining Namine? I never played Days so I'm a bit in the dark about individual cutscenes.

    2. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Your parody is HILARIOUS so far!

    Poor Xemnas IS surrounded by assholes =(

    3. You got it right in the video... EVERYONE wants Aqua. ;D

    Missouri. It's just as scenic as Hawaii XD

    Glad your fanfiction is coming along!!

    Awesome! The AMV is up already?
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