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  • Hey there!!

    Sorry for the delay; just graduated college actually.

    I start work in the Fall, but I've been crazy busy studying for the CPA these last 2 months (putting in about 40-50 hours a week of studying).

    I liked the last trailer!! Obviously D23 is coming up soon now, but it looks pretty good. Would have enjoyed seeing some more cutscenes and less gameplay tbh.

    How's everything on your end LS?
    Thanks! :)

    Yup! I'm enjoying them a lot. Helps me see a lot better, especially outside.
    Ooh, nice song choice! Let me know when the AMV is done! :D I'm doing alright, I guess. I'm working on homework and stuff (college is an adjustment!). About to get my first pair of glasses! ^_^
    That'd be fine, but I've pretty much hated the majority of the Bleach cast for years now. xD I stuck around for Orihime and realized that I'd hardly ever see her again in the series and that I'd probably be disappointed with whatever the hell Kubo does with the story at this point, since he seems to have just stopped caring about actually telling a good story.
    Nope. I've hated most of what had been happening in the series for years, so I finally decided to just walk away from it awhile back. I hear it's gotten to be quite atrocious.
    I totally understand that feeling. I felt the exact same way when we had to put down my dog.
    It's fine! :) Work is incredibly important and I totally understand the stress that comes with losing your dog. We had to put down my golden retriever back in January. :(
    Sounds great, VT sorry I haven't been around lately I've been working and recently I had to put my dog down
    I'm not sure. I did some filming earlier and I was planning to do some work on my two remaining take-home Final Exams, but I'm sort of worn out right now. On top of that, I have a Writer's Meeting to go to later and I'll be spending the night over at a friend's house. @___@
    It's interesting! :) I usually never have any idea what an online friend really looks like and my normal assumptions for what they look like tend to be a bit off. It's very exciting though! :D
    I'm using an album cover as my avatar there, but you know my name! :) I'm also in some low budget online mini-series on YouTube (The Persistence of Time and From Here To Reality), so you could probably look me up there. ^_^
    Yay! :D Do you have Facebook? We can be friends there too, if you want. ^_^

    I'm planning on getting a new laptop pretty soon. I'll be aiming to get into Film Studies in college next semester, so I need a better laptop so I can run the proper programs on it to do my work. :D
    I just sent a friend request! :D You'll know my real name too. :)

    Ooh, that sounds intriguing. So it'd be more like a PDF file, right?
    Ah. I'll have to ask my folks about that then! xD I personally only read from physical books, but they have Kindles.

    It looks awesome. What's your username there? :O

    EDIT: I just signed up there with my Facebook account.
    I've been meaning to check out both of those books by Gaiman! :D And YES, I'm rather fond of dark comedies! I've been meaning to check out "I, Lucifer" for sometime now, actually.

    And no, I'm not part of that site. But I'll check it out! If I like it, I'll join! :D
    In that case, check out their two most recent albums, Crack the Skye and The Hunter! They're also about to release a brand new album called Once More 'Round the Sun in June! :D

    Actually, yes! :D I've been on a Neil Gaiman kick lately; Stardust, Neverwhere, Anansi Boys! :D Great books!
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