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  • I'm doing alright. Going to a family reunion up in Indiana tomorrow but I won't get there until Sunday~

    Yourself? :D
    You saw my review to rechain, but I just reviewed Queen of Hearts. Incredible job, as usual.

    So I'm guessing Terra won't be living in Xehanort's mansion any time soon? I just figured that since he's XEMNAS now he might be moving up ;D


    Now I actually have the time to read your stories XD

    Villains are definitely fun to write =D

    Sorry this took so long, I kept rethinking HOW I wanted it to end. But now I will read Queen of Hearts and Rechain with great expectations!
    Unfortunately he didn't.

    Good so far! Vanitas is such a fun character to write, so that's making it enjoyable.

    I'm also delivering one final battle that will hopefully tower above the rest that I've done.
    Xemnas isn't dumb. He definitely knew that.

    Between his memories from MX and his own deductive skills, he probably even figured out that Sora is connected to Vanitas as well.

    The only thing in the Soras' relationship that he probably did NOT know or consider was Ven's heart being in Roxas.
    Finally... I finally found proof that debunks any alterior motives for Xemnas looking for Ven:

    See, he doesn't care about multiple Keyblade wielders. He just wants ONE! And yet, when he already had one (Roxas), he continued to search for Ventus desperately.
    Thats good!

    I don't even know how they came up with that. I mean, how did they find out that barrier was called 'Will's Cage'? I think sentiment sounds better than will, but whatever.

    Awesome! I'll look at it as soon as I finish Reconnection!
    Well Reconnection isnt gonna be updated until Sunday because today's my moms birthday and this weekend is a bit busy.

    I'll check out ur updated stories ASAP tho LSythe!

    LS: XEHA...wait, what did u call her?


    LS: ...thats not fair.
    No I get what you're saying now.

    Honestly though, Nomura LOVES to throw us off. Why did he never show Vanitas's face? To make fans think he was Xehy.

    So WHY is he making small references to Xehanort being the same as Xemnas (that secret report, the ending sequence of BBS FM). To make us THINK that's the case.

    But it's not. One of the newest things I'm hearing is "Terra is not Xemnas".

    That's right. Xemnas is what Terra BECOMES. I don't care what they say... if you keep your best friend/potential gf's armor around for years and go out of your way just to spend time with it, there's no way the guy has egotistic intentions.

    He was even obsessed with finding Ven, despite the fact that he seemed CONFIDENT that he would get KH no matter what, implying he probably wasn't desperate for a third Keyblade wielder (see his last report for this).

    Ultimately, could you blame Terra for changing? He was constantly the pawn of Disney villains throughout BBS. And he saw for himself that the worlds were in trouble long before the Heartless and Nobodies plagued it.

    So what does he do with Xehanort's knowledge? He plans to fix it. Not for himself.... but for Aqua and Ven. He used Xehanort's ruthlessness and knowledge as well as wisdom from Eraqus to become one of the most incredible antagonists in the series.
    Yea it's taken over a year now but I'm about to wrap it up for good.

    Doing all of Days is challenging. You might wanna considering skipping around a bit more. I mean, is it necessary to the overall story to include ALL of days for Rechain?
    I kept trying to find some proof of other Replicas. And now i have it! This could explain MF or introduce new characters. Nomura always introduces new characters in main games, and 3D IS a main game. So why not make Replica Aqua a character?

    Honestly I feel like if the game was M rated that would be the case. Luckily though, Xemnas isn't quite THAT vain.
    Nothing of course! Xemnas loves nothingness!

    Especially when it gives him lightsabers.

    By the way, just noticed this in the Secret Report:
    Now look at this closely. At this point, Repliku is long dead. Yet Saix SPECIFICALLY mentions another Replica already available. Furthermore, he mentions that Xion was part of a LOT... as in there were more than two Replicas early on.

    So... if Xemnas isn't using a Replica for his missions, what would he keep it for? Given the urges of his body and no emotions to hold him back, probably something beautiful. Naturally he'd replicate:

    Oh I see. Hope that gets fixed soon. =/

    That's something I've NEVER noticed actually. I think I'm seeing it to though now that you mention it.
    Glad you liked it! =D

    I'll keep checking your stories too of course. Any updates lately?

    I just posted in the FC, lemme know what you think of my observation. ;D
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