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  • Likewise. I'm waiting and hoping my mom picks me up. Sadly my cell phone is dead, and she never responded to my texts or Facebook messages.

    Likewise. O: And yet, I still have next to no clue what'll happen in the game. I have some ideas, but I still feel like the game hasn't been given away.
    It's been better. Something may be wrong with my appendix. ;_; Need to see a doctor.

    Agreed. :D Such an awesome trailer~ <3

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too~ c:
    Definitely. We'll need to wait and see.
    AH! Seems people were right about that. I didn't get on the bandwagon at first, but wow that basically confirms it's Young Master Xehanort.

    Actually, Young MX is pretty damn tall. Look at the cutscene with both him and Sora in view... he's basically the size of Ansem SOD or Xemnas! That being said, I'm wondering if there's an age difference... I would like to find see how this time manipulation ability of this Xehanort comes into play though.

    Since Eraqus went into Terra's heart... I find it VERY hard to believe that both their hearts are in Ansem SOD. I mean, I just couldn't see MX's willpower basically erasing both of theirs!

    In this game, I'm curious to see if we'll find out more about Eraqus's influence... besides Xemnas's belief of the supremacy of hearts of course.


    Oh, and on the note of people complaining about time travel, Nomura has considered this idea since KH1:

    That's from Ansem Report 12, and I've yet to see anyone on this site reference it.
    I know, once I saw someone post a photoshopped picture of Terra with white hair, tan skin and yellow eyes, i was convinced he was Xehanort. I didn't realize he'd be possessed by MX though, i thought that he'd severely rely on darkness and it would result in a change in appearance and memory loss.

    Well, the game IS supposed to bring everything together, and having Xemnas with the wayfinder would explain things.

    Idk if Xemnas would be talking about Terra though, but I'm definitely wondering if he really meant Ventus. Just like when he said "I'm what's left. Or, maybe I'm all there ever was."

    Hahaha I know, Riku's definitely confused on how Ansem's still around though.

    See, I'd like to think Terra was in control, but he couldn't have control of the body most of the time considering the experiments. I feel like although it's possible Terra overtook the body towards the end of the experiments (why else would Apprentice Xehanort attack Braig?), I think MX was the major influence.

    By the way, I just realized... young Master Xehanort probably is the Mysterious Figure. I feel like this incarnation doesn't have the ability to wield a Keyblade yet and is going to use the blue ethereal blades against Sora and Riku.
    Well even knowledgeable fans on this site think that Xemnas is just another Xehanort clone.

    Yea those worlds have a lot of reveals. I'm hoping they show Xemnas with a certain star charm at some point as well ;D

    Idk which Xemnas meant either. Fans seem to assume he means Pinnochio right now, but I'm not fully sure. I'm also a little confused about what Sora asks him.

    He's definitely less menacing than Ansem SOD. Looks like he just wants to maul Riku XD

    Frankly though, I couldn't imagine a better shocking ending than revealing Terra as the main force behind Xemnas. It actually has some basis to it as well. I don't care what other fans say, there's no way Xemnas would have held on to Aqua's armor for years if he was just another Xehanort clone.

    Glad the new chapter's up! I'll read it soon!


    Ah, you never fail to disappoint LS. Well done on chapter 5! I'm REALLY liking the Xigbar subplot and am curious to see where it goes.
    Hahaha exactly.

    There's definitely plenty of plot twists in store. Nomura saves the biggest ones for the game though, so if young MX isn't much of a twist compared to the rest, I'm curious to see what they are.

    Honestly though, if people read the interviews they'd be able to ignore what Yen Sid said in the trailer. One point of this game is to distinguish Ansem and Xemnas as separate entities from Xehanort. Nomura said he would reveal how Terra and Xehanort's influences were split up into the Heartless and Nobody, and considering Ansem is trying to KILL Riku, I strongly feel that Xemnas has Terra's true influence.

    Plus, like we've said on an infinite number of occasions, Xemnas being emotionless Terra has a huge basis.

    That's great news! I'll check it out ASAP!
    Xemnas theories are incredible ;D

    Hmm... maybe the "shocking ending" of 3D is Terra comes back and admits to having total control of his body as Xemnas. And then to top it off, he reveals his plan to take control of Kingdom Hearts to permanently destroy Xehanort.

    Plus to shock fans, Nomura has to deceive them a little.

    Nomura loves misleading people though. I think our beliefs will be shown to be right and Xemnas will end up having Terra as his main influence.
    That's what I'm hoping for LS. Sadly, I keep getting the bad feeling that Nomura will turn Xemnas into another bland form of Xehanort, which would completely ruin all the potential he's built up from the KH2FM cutscenes.

    I expected Vanitas to come back. I also expected Master Xehanort would want him back. What I'm wondering though is if Young Master Xehanort turns out to be the mysterious figure. That's what it seems like right now.
    Yeah I'm on break now, hbu?

    I LOVED IT! They showed so much and really made this game more than something to tie up loose ends.

    I'm also happy they finally showed young Master Xehanort's face. As for Xemnas simply being another form of Xehanort as Yen Sid claimed, I remain skeptical as a Xemqua fan.
    Thanks a lot LS. During the breaks and when DDD comes out, I'll probably be on here more.

    Wow, I didn't realize the club's been that inactive.

    I'm still co-founder? Nice!

    That's good, I'm looking forward to Ch. 5. Right now as far as fanfiction goes, I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna progress Falling for a Nobody. I should be able to figure it out soon though.
    Wow, just noticed ur post. A new member huh? I'll add that then

    I'm starting to realize LS... I haven't been a very good fanclub overseer. When we remade the TerraxAqua club, I was just as active as you were and I just wanted to put the club in the hands of people who would update it regularly.

    But I haven't been doing that. I'm realizing that now that I'm in college, I'm not on these forums nearly as much.

    So if you don't mind, is there any chance you could remake the club again? I feel like you deserve to be in charge of it at this point anyway. I'll still post now and then, but it would be stupid and selfish for me to stay as the OP editor.

    By the way, happy belated (very belated) birthday!
    New AMV and chapters? I'll definitely check them out then.

    I think DDD was a little lacking. A huge focus of the game is supposed to be the split of MX and Terra into Ansem and Xemnas, but none of the four were even shown in the trailer. In fact, the only Xehanort shown was Apprenticenort

    Everyone keeps thinking that scene was a flashback, but I'm not so sure. It could very well be our first glimpse of Xehanort's return. Plus, the fact they were in the data room of Ansem the Wise's laboratory makes me think that the computer has something to do with returning Heartless and Nobodies into complete beings.
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