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  • Wow, that's a hook if I've ever seen one XD

    So tell me, do you see the ending for your story being significantly different from KH2's?
    No worries about the double post. Could be worse, I posted on my own wall once and now I can't completely get rid of it XD

    Glad to hear it! I'm looking forward to that chapter!
    I'm glad you liked it!

    Honestly I have high hopes for that fanfic now. For so long I didn't know WHAT to do with it, but now it's all figured out. It should be wrapped up in about 4 or 5 more chapters.
    I... would have cried.

    It scares me to death... just the thought of it (Ven reference ;D).

    Wow... so now theres even MORE Xemnas scans!


    This was just translated.

    If I'm reading this right, would it be safe to assume that Xemnas wanted to enter the dreams of two certain Keyblade wielders?
    I was shocked too honestly. Good thing he didn't do that to Body and Soul though, we would have REALLY missed out.
    Terra's wayfinder is a must.

    It's very cruel to make us wait. Speaking of cruel, Mordecai's Fading Sentiment is on hold for now apparently.
    Lmao we should have spammed Nomura with fan mail begging him to do things our way, just as a precaution.

    Oh definitely, it could easily be anyone.

    I'm interested to see if and when those items will make cameos in 3D.

    There have been so many Xemnas scans too... I wish someone would just translate a few of them already XD
    Yea, if Nomura does that it looks like all my Xemnas stories on fanfiction.net are going to be even MORE AU XD

    It's definitely a mystery. Though, I still wonder if the other voice which spoke to Xemnas frequently was Aqua's after all. It could be ANYONE connected to Terra or Xehanort, but since her armor's there she would be a sensible answer.

    Speaking of voices, let's not forget that Ansem SOD has the same exact voice as Terra-Xehanort while Xemnas's is... different...

    What I REALLY would like to see is what ended up happening to Terra's star charm...
    It was a shame. Maybe we'll see more about Saix's intentions in 3D.

    Oh, I guess we did discuss this then haha! If they did end up going in that direction, it would have been interesting to see.

    ^I could have seen it happening.


    That's true, better than nothing I guess. Though watching Xemnas speak with that evil smirk and not seeing what he's saying is going to REALLY fill me with suspense.

    I'll just say this: if Xemnas does not have main influence from Terra like I thought, then Nomura is completely wasting potential that he put in throughout BBS and Days. ESPECIALLY with that scene in the secret ending where Terra could care less about what happens to his heart (seems to imply he's more concerned about his body, no? After all, he's probably not referring to his armor since it's lied dormant in the Keyblade Graveyard).

    And if Xehanort WAS Xemnas's true influence for his goals (conquer the world, whatever), then Terra and Eraqus, two VERY strong willed people, failed yet again. That would be such a waste, and wouldn't explain why he held on to Aqua's armor for years and spent so much time searching for the Chamber of Waking when he could have instead focused all his efforts on his Keyblade wielders.
    Saix reveals a lot about himself in those clips honestly.

    For me, I feel the KH2 FM clips give the best insight to the characters. I think that when Nomura had developed KH2 FM, he knew Xemnas was a later incarnation of Terra.

    Oh no, the yellow eyes DEFINITELY signify a connection to Xehanort. If they were solely darkness, Terra and Riku would have had them before being possessed at all (before BBS was released actually, I was hoping that when Terra had that explosion of darkness he would suddenly have yellow eyes, white hair and tan skin; things didn't happen that way though).

    By the time cutscenes are recorded and subbed though, we might not see a subbed version of the ending until two weeks from now.
    Yeah, I was iffy on it at first, but ever since I saw that Nomura interview I've been sold.

    Couldn't agree more =)

    The models were definitely similar, but someone hacked into BBS FM and figured out that Saix's model SPECIFICALLY was used.

    I guess the ethereal blades were just meant to signify a Xehanort connection or something.

    At this point though, I'm expecting Xemnas's true goal to be something like this: genocide of the universe excluding himself, Ventus and Aqua (possibly Eraqus as well). He's obsessed with the two and wants them more than anything else.

    If this is the case, then he's allying himself with MX simply to wait for his moment of triumph.

    Oh, and some more food for thought...

    *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: The Conclusion (English Subs) - YouTube

    Xemnas: Some things awaken through weakness...

    Perhaps his attachment... his weakness... was what he saw as the only way to awaken Ven.
    The person we THOUGHT was Young Master Xehanort has the same facial design as Isa from BBS. Besides that, Nomura said how Lea and "the silver haired man" are the key characters to look at besides Riku and Sora. To me that says somehow Xehanort is now using Isa as a vessel considering Lea and Isa have been associated so closely in Days and BBS.

    If this is the case, it would explain why Saix's model was used for the Mysterious Figure.

    Soon my friend... soon everything about our favorite villain will be revealed =D

    Nomura also said the "silver haired boy" and Axel were key characters, so I have a feeling that the person we thought was Young MX is just Isanort (or Saixnort, whatever.)
    I'm good, how bout yourself?

    I know! The trailer looks great, I'm really excited for this game. The story seems to have plenty of twists and developments.
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