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  • Actually all of them. I had found a couple sites that had all of the seasons, but it got taken down because of the threat of SOPA.
    I've been meaning to ask. Where do you go to watch Super Sentai? I can't find any place that's really consistent.
    A mixture of the two :) but we are in steampunk! Currently in a battle with Septem but we're there! (the rp is steadily chugging along)

    Essays? I feel ya there -___- i just had to write one for my senior project..

    and Super Sentai Goseiger? Awesome!!

    (and nice quadruple post on my wall lol)
    Klom! My friend ;A; I miss you!

    xD It took me like over a week to respond :x How are you?

    I've been good! Busy with school and news, but overall things have been fine. I think those two things take over my life completely ;A;
    Whichever you prefer is fine by me, they might even be able to do both.

    I have a question though, are you doing your own story thing for Steampunk City or do you mind if I send Henry's group over there to check things out and probably run into V.L.A.D?
    Mabaa is still the leader of the witches and a serious threat but not as much as the new set of villains I have planned..

    Actually I have a bit of a plan of later involving the witches that i'll probably run by you..
    For your intro post, since you don't need to be in the classroom, you can do whatever you feel like doing :)

    I'm sure it'll be awesome
    I made a voting thread. Based on whatever people seem interested in is what I'll do. If it pans out to be .Hack then yes, I'll definitely be down for a collab
    So curious... for the geass RP, could we have a replica of a non-mass produced Frame... provided it had a good background and reasoning for so?
    Fillin out financial aid forms, working on a novel for my graduation project, dealing with drama and keepin up with rps. :)
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