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  • How much longer will you be on here? i'm trying to think of what to do, it normally dosen't take me long and i was hoping to get a few more posts in before you left
    Yeah its fine, i don't care if you use it Its up to you . I'd rather we both live for now fyi and Abhorsen agreed. Since I have used Spirtit pulse a few times and you are injured and have a fractured spine why not have a point where we run at each other using our big moves and when the dust clears and Henry is hurt or whatever your gone. Soul and all???
    Sorry for the late response. Getting my hair done and it is times like these I hate being female (I love being a girl but gosh it is pain for beauty!)

    :D :D :D :D Congratulations! Are they schools you want to go to? :D

    DS9 Is amazing. :D :D

    I'm sorry for not responding earlier (the last VM) I get distracted easily and I've been busy getting used to school. I transferred from my university to a community college because it was too expensive to keep going to my school and the students there were still in high school mode. The problem with that is I didn't go to a normal high school so it was really irritating seeing how everybody was in a clique. My high school had cliques, but we had no problems talking to each other when we needed to.

    Now I'm taking Journalism classes and History of Rock n' Roll. :D I've never been so excited and scared of a class as I have been of my RnR class.

    :D Thank you for the pic! :D :D :D Bath time for Jim and Spock is always a good time.

    hey hey, i updated but i knocked you through a cafe and into the street. Your fine and everything but if you want me to change it I will
    Ah, I figured I'd message you here since I don't want to create spam in that thread! :D Hey! I'm good!


    I had found some Spock/McCoy images, but it has been awhile so now I have to go find them again.
    Hi Hi! I wanna invite you to my soul eater rp that i'm starting! If you've ever watched the show or read the manga I think you'll enjoy this. heck even if you haven't you'll enjoy this. Its pretty easy to understand.
    I like your character for the battle against Aaron BTW
    anyways see you there (hopefully)

    There. It was because of fck being changed to freak on here.

    God I love Taylor Lautner's body.

    XD Mirror!Quagmire would want to get in on that.

    XD XD XD I read some of it (I get distracted easily so I've been reading a few of the same stories for a few days now) And you wrote it so you are going to feel something off about it, but as long as you feel proud of the work you did :D
    XD You weren't that off.

    I'm a total romantic myself. I swoon over everything.

    Fuck Yeah Dr. McCoy

    Link for you. Full of McCoy but there are some dashes of McCoy/Spock :D

    (Twilight fails)

    Mirror!Spock is pretty ruthless. I can imagine him letting desire mix with that icy logic of his. And MU!Spock and MU!McCoy probably use the killing thing as a form of foreplay. They seem the type to find pleasure (not that kind of pleasure...or is it?) in trying to hurt each other.

    :D I like your modified version of MU!McCoy. Since we didn't get much insight to him, you did a pretty good job fleshing him out.
    "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky""?

    AND XD Saw the pic (photomanips ftw) XD XD XD Love it! Thanks XD XD XD XD XD

    Yeah, the both seem to value friendship over any kind of romantic relationship. Eve so, their friendship is so...deep that there would be no need to for them to try and take it to any other level. They are already pretty intimate with each other. I'll go check that site out then :D

    McCoy doesn't care at all about duty, protocol, or rules (even if he wishes for Kirk to follow them for his safety) so he'd definitely be able to cross that line. He is pretty persuasive. I like that he is always trying to get Spock to emote or accept his emotions, and usually Spock will do just that. McCoy is a big baiter and instigator. Spock generally tries to avoid confrontations unless he needs to, but with McCoy he is always "snapping back" and taking the bait, or easily shooting the doctor's retort down.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! -is late-

    And :D I hope you are feeling better!

    And thank you on the avatar change :D

    Really, T'hy'la pic? What did you search?

    Oh, and on the Spirk I read, I usually try to find fic that isn't all "Duty vs. Romance" because I think it would be a stupid reason post TOS. During TOS, I can imagine that being the reason they might never get together, but they would also have been blind to the attraction. Post TOS, I think it would be a lot different. Neither are on active duty and at least by then one of them would have realized some sort of attraction. I would think it would be Spock, and would be a reason why he left to Vulcan to partake in Kolinahr.

    On McCoyxSpock, I can definitely see it They have a very antagonistic relationship and are complete opposites, and while Spock and Kirk are opposites, they are also very similar. With Doctor McCoy and Spock, they couldn't be anymore different. The Doctor is irrational, always irritated and aggravated, and lets his emotions fuel his actions, and Spock is logical, calm and cool, and lets his mind decide. I think with those colliding personalities, they are definitely a great pair. There will always be this level of UST with them.
    Well, MegaVideo's fine, but that time limit thing's a pain in the ass for me. Maybe I can talk to Theo, see if he has VOY on him or something....I personally favor TNG, since it's more about the characters than action and suspense. My favorite character? Data, or course....Though if you wanna get really technical, Lore. I'm the kind of guy that roots for the villain in the story. :)

    As for MU Spirk, from what I read, M. Spock's the animal and Kirk's the bottom......Though I suppose it's a matter of perception. But thn again, EVERYBODY in the MU that's good in th main universe is an animal, so it doesn't come off as a big surprise to me. I decided Spock/Mccoy was better, since it left more interpretation for me. All Spock/Kirk would be is either "Duty Vs. Romance" or "Best Friend Rape" and that's too simplistic in my opinion, LOL.

    As far as "Echoes" is concerned, I already finished my first character, Locke's, campaign aboard the Enterprise and am working on Saphyra's time in the MU now........Aios will be the last one. As to how it'll all tie together is still in the planning stage, though I think I already have it figured out.

    (And LOL at the "Spockanort" nickname.)

    (Damn! I posted this on my own profile! *Mental Facepalm*)
    Well, I used to watch TNG as a child with my mom who loves that show then I ignored ST for some years. Then I started watching TOS and fell deeply in love with the series. I've watched some of DS9. They used to be on YT before CBS put that copyright thing out. I'm sure you can find the other series it on SideReel. As long as you have good virus protection on your computer, somebody usually has them posted on a MegaVideo link.

    Wow! Well, Spock and McCoy do always argue. And McCoy is always trying to get Spock to show some emotion. Ah, I'm not a fan of MU!Spirk (since Mirror!Kirk was soooooo animalistic it was gross) I love the MU a lot but I only like that dark appeal when it comes to Spock and McCoy.

    I really want to see VOY but Janeway never appealed to me even though she is female and a captain. I plan on watching it one day, though. I love her and that one guy together lmao.

    And I plan on reading your KH fic.
    Oh! Thanks you! I had a good holiday! :D And I'm glad yours was good too! :D :D :D

    Yep. I'm a ST fan! And I see you ship SpockxMcCoy. Good pairing. Lots of UST there. lol but I'm more of a Spirk shipper myself.
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