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  • OO! What's the concept?

    Likewise! I like seeing my character do what he/she needs to do, not just a hand or two
    Hopefully it'll pick back up in the fall!

    I'm not exactly fond of fps games, but I liked it okay, it was pretty nice
    I've played a little bit of that game and I watched Abs play a lot back when we had it

    and yeah, the rp section is really slow. It needs a kick or something to get it back up and running again
    What's a condensed class? Is it like a full length course but crammed into a short timeframe? That's how its been over Summer semester over on my end.

    Nothing too much really haha, i've been spending most of my time at college or church, although things are slowing down so I can start writing some more and watch some more anime. What about you? :)
    I'm super excited about it! :)

    I'm gonna go for my English Major. That way I can be an English teacher or a creative writing teacher *and hopefully write a novel at some point too*
    Its no problem :)

    i've been doing pretty well, wrapping up a college semester myself and getting ready to start another one. and this time I get to take a creative writing class :D
    Heya! I'm just wondering if you need another post as Kie before the transition from part 1 to 2 begins in the Keyblade War. If there isn't anything in particular you need to do, I'll be giving Key permission to begin her super duper awesome post after mine if there is nothing else you need to do:)
    Hey, I need you to post in Keyblade War. Garfield's interaction with your Kie is on page 3.
    Kie. She seems to be a really interesting character.
    But I assume you can grow to love her. lol
    i'll be sending you and superbia, full aversai (evolution chart) pms, to build better relationships with your characters, fairly soon. :)
    Hmm... If they ask about switching sides, I guess just say something like, "This is Super Sentai, not Power Rangers. Figure it out."
    Yea, maybe PM the one that seems the least likely to be Evil and tell them of the plan. That or the one that seems they could go either way.
    And just to let you know, I plan on having Sanjirou shift over to the evil side. That's what I meant by having big plans for the two. I think it could also generate some interesting drama between the two.
    That's because it's duct tape. That shit can fix anything, even a car!

    And trust me on that one. I've used it to fix a leaky radiator once.
    Hey, it's better than a problem I used to have with an old monitor. The image would stretch far beyond the bottom of the screen. The cursor was the size of a grape when it got really bad. But that was one of those old, fat monitors.
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