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  • Same here......Aqua seems to be the least talked about and most mysterious character......we somewhat know a little about Terra and Ven...but Aqua..where does she fit in? that's the question i want to know
    I KNOW!!! it was so crazy!......everything was happening so fast.......i don't know if i should get it when it comes out in japan or should i wait....im excited
    whatsup king-i'll call u that for the moment-.........just noticed this.....but ill answer it for this moment(night) its going pretty good.....yours?
    I had a great Christmas! I gots lots of clothes, tons of cash, some cologne, movies, and a few games...it wuz a good year for my Christmas loot XD what did you get?
    lol, well at least he's dreaming. That's something! Anyway the first 3 were ok. It's one of thos things where the graphics and main story are cool but there are some parts where you're just like 'seriously, that's Laaaaaame!' haha. now i just gotta watch 4-6. but in any case...yeah, that was my exciting day.
    I've seen a lot of movies...in fact I'm watching star wars right now. episode 1 I think. idk this is the first time I've seen them. lol
    I know the feeling. i didn't get off work til 9 yesterday and couldn't fall asleep til 1. hate when that happens. oh well, lol.
    it's ok...kinda icky out, but it's nothing new here. Winter is pretty, but no fun to drive in! lol
    hoping you're having better weather luck!
    emotional funk huh? I mighta had one of doez once...lol I'm good! Gettin ready for da Christmas party at my nobody fc...it's gonna be awesome! (try to keep ur posts under 3 lines if not then do mor than one post cuz I don't like reading scrunched together paragraphz lol tanx)
    lol, have you seen the comic with Roxas when he's sending a letter to santa?
    it went like this...

    Roxas- "Dear Santa, for christmas I'd like a little brother."
    Santa- "Dear Roxas, ok, Send me your mother."
    Roxas- o_O
    lol, yep! I have a bunch of them. I change them with the holidays...and whenever I feel like it hehe!
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