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  • School, work, a manuscript I'm trying to write... I love KHI, but it's hard to keep up with things sometimes cause of real life. I think you understand that? XD And case in point, I thought I responded last with Crystal Heart, so I've been waiting for you! XD
    I plan to check things out more, but it's more that the temperatures are warmer that way without being unbearably hot. I hate the cold, especially since I have bad tendonitis. I wear fingerless gloves a lot because the extra bit of warmth they provide helps with the tendonitis, even if it's not winter.
    Out of my parents house, but still around the area because of school. XD Still planning on Tennessee eventually, though.
    I'm serious! ;p

    I'm planning on moving out in a little while, and I'm taking her with me. She's at my grandmother's cause the other cats beat up on her.
    I was also tired and sleepy that night. Sorry! ;p

    Not bad; I think my cat's not mad about me "abandoning" her at my grandmother's, so that's good. XD How's yours?
    I started working as an Invigilator (One of those people who take care of crowds and artwork in a gallery), so I've been busy these last couple of weeks getting used to this new role. lol

    As for the chapter I still haven't made a start on it, sorry man. :( I'll see what I might be able to do before I'm back into work in the next day. How have things been going for you? ^^
    I've been doing alright lately, getting used to my new job the last month. ^^ A free couch huh? That's great! ^__^
    Lol, I can understand that one. I need to do a purge on mine.

    Okay, thanks for the update. And it's okay, you've been busy.
    *eyeballs bounce away from her* It's finals time? XD *Gotta to grab one more hour of sleep before she gets too editing that paper*
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