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Recent content by King Wolfe

  1. King Wolfe

    Naruto Interest Check

    Hey, you know that insanely popular manga/anime Naruto? Yeah, how does a RP about it sound? I've got the barebones worked out, it will be AU so no children of Naruto or whatever. However, the canon clans are allowed and some will be limited. It'll be a somewhat team-orientated RP with plenty of...
  2. King Wolfe

    Tales of Arcadia Vol 1

    Dante & Elyse All was well in downtown Arcadia. It was well into the morning, so the usually bustling city was quieter than usual but it was still a sight to be appreciated. Down in the Industrial District, things were quieter than usual, but it was a serene type of silence rather than a...
  3. King Wolfe

    Tales of Arcadia (AU Supernatural RP) [Always Open]

    “You must not lose faith in Humanity. Humanity is an Ocean, Deep and Vast, What are a few Drops of Lost Cause to an Ocean of Hope.” The city of Arcadia: vast, beautiful and powerful. It is a symbol of strength and hope in a world where hope is an expensive luxury. Although it isn’t...
  4. King Wolfe

    Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus RP?

    This is an interest check for a Percy Jackson Role-Play. For those who don't really know much about it, Percy Jackson is essentially baby's first guide to Greek/Roman mythology. It places Greek gods and heroes in modern times (in New York of all places) and creates a rather fascinating universe...
  5. King Wolfe

    Symbolic parallels between KH and Christianity

    Re: A symbolic connection between Kingdom Hearts And Christianity... I find it rather endearing, if not a bit desperate, when people try to dig up deeper meanings in simplistic mediums. I suppose "wack thing with giant inflatable key" is a bit too concise for the deep thinkers and in an attempt...
  6. King Wolfe

    Let's Test a Theory (Challenge to Peaching Light)

    Ui vs Ryoko and Pepper, gooo
  7. King Wolfe

    God Complex

    Chapter 1: My Date in Hell. IWASAKI My day was pretty much shitty from the start. My hair was a mess, there was no hot water, my shorts got torn and I had no money for the ferry to the Underworld. The last thing I remember is seeing a soldier with brutal scars on his face with a cliché...
  8. King Wolfe

    Role-Playing Section Idea Senate~

    Well, not so much a Senate as it is a single person at the moment. I think I'm getting ahead of myself ne? ^^' But regardless Romans, I have been stricken with an epiphany! Either that or a really powerful flu! I know that personally as a writer I dislike when I feel as though I've had a great...
  9. King Wolfe

    Let's Meet The Members of the Role-Playing Section!!

    Although we have interesting interviews with prominent members of the RP section we don't really know much about anyone hiding within the crevices of our murky, near-desolate, cesspool of the KHI corner that can barely be justified as a "creative medium". Er, that is to say, we don't know much...
  10. King Wolfe

    The Dark God

    “Look, look!” “Ui dear, sit down.” The taxi rolled through the city quietly and humbly as the three passengers calmly assessed the huge metropolis. It was certainly as grand as they had expected it to be. The pure cobalt sky glinted brightly against the bright sun, white clouds drifted...
  11. King Wolfe

    [Take The Initiative]

    It was odd that he was taken to a run-out-of-the-mill police station, even more so of how he was brought in. A brilliant blue sky blazed overhead complemented by the summer sun as scorching heat wrecked havoc to New York. The power grids were getting affected as the heat bent the necessary...
  12. King Wolfe

    Eh? Roleplaying?

  13. King Wolfe

    <The Initiative - Making A Perfect Human> [OOC & Sign-Ups]

  14. King Wolfe


    Ohaiyo everyone! ^^ I'm wondering for a second. Does anyone here think they have improved in RPing - or writing in general - because of this site? Like remember the first time you RPed, then come back to present day, is there a huge gap from back then and from today? Or is it pretty much the...
  15. King Wolfe

    Summer Rain

    Summer Rain She didn’t know why she had agreed to go. It was ridiculous, after her begging and pleading Azusa eventually conceded and promised her that she would go if she would stop crying. Right now she was regretting that decision. Azusa Suzuki; a 19 year old girl determined to better...