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  • Kishimoto doesn't respect any of the female characters he had and if he does they get killed (Konan). TenTen had the ONLY shown dream of the Konoha 11 that displayed her not falling in love with a man, but rather seeing Lee and Gai acting mature and talking with Neji about it. Coincidentally the character from Konoha with the most respect for herself gets the LEAST screentime. Thank you Kishimoto.
    "oh yeah. That's weak Jesus Christ. While there's nothing wrong with liking boys/girls/anyone being so one-dimensional that that's what the dream was about is weak. Kishi has a weak opinion on girls"

    That's an agreement right?
    Hopefully one of completely platonic yet playful nature akin to Donna or someone similar. x[
    If it's more impossible girl junk then I'm ditching the series. I'll come back when either shes gone or both if thats what it takes to get a fresh start.
    Couldn't agree more. The clip of next weeks episode gives me slight hope we're leading up to her vanishing or something.
    I like that 12 isn't the flirty doctor like past ones but I still dislike Clara constant angst. It kills the enjoyment for me and I've barely liked this season due to her.
    I can see having issues with a change but the change is honestly to much of a negative one, shes not got over it and it's becoming annoying.
    But that's the Doctor himself, why would his change in attitude make Clara so angst all the time. It's not like 11 and 12 don't both share anger moments or the like.
    Meh It's not the strength to me. I can't quite put my finger on it but how shes being use now is just annoying and I can't sit through it. She doesn't seem weak or lacking resolve but more like...always angst. Everything pisses her off about the Doctor anymore. Granted the Doctor isn't innocent but you didn't see her acting that way when the Doctor was a younger 11.
    I would suggest Ordeith's The Last Queen, being very free with laid back posting, and it's all around insanity, makes it one of the easiest roleplays to jump into and stay in.
    Chainsaws are a bit much, don't you think? xD I've tried juggling a few times, except I failed miserably, and annoyed my family to death.

    I haven't run across somebody that was an actual stereo type before. I'll take your word on it though. :3 True. It just takes a kind spirit that finds that hidden quality in them.

    I believe you there. Do you bend rules at all?

    Yeah. You might prefer writing on fanfiction.net or having a blog to gain more of an audience for any writing projects you have. What do you like to do on the forum besides rps? Mm, deadlines can be annoying, and I hear about it a lot from authors online. Sometimes, books can end up badly, if the author is rushed and such too. I suppose writing for fun would be the best way to go instead of making it into a job. Oh yeah! You're write about that, because I learned a lot over the years and try to adapt to other peoples styles of writing. Really? My style isn't much. xD

    Well, hopefully whatever we set our minds to will pay off in the end. You have a point there. Your ideas for self teaching yourself new things, will definitely come in handy someday for me. Well, I'd be amazed if your dog could learn the concept of friction. Do you like physics a lot?

    It can be exhausting. Thankfully, neither one of us is a pushover. Although, that statement might be me being a hypocrite.
    Wow. The fact she removed you is a little much. xD

    Can you imagine how many Naruto fans would rage, if Naruto woke up in a hospital and dreamt the whole thing? Well, Naruto fans are getting the fight they always wanted. Except, Sasuke is still an idiot with his idea of hokage. On the other hand, I'm kind of excited for the Last Naruto movie.

    Likewise. I wish the costumes didn't cost so much. But if you want the best quality, then I guess it's reasonable why it'd cost so badly. Although, we always have the excuse to dress up on Halloween too. Someday, I will go to a comic con!

    Gosh, you dislike milk more than I do! And here I thought, I was one of the few that disliked it. Well, I'm glad being lactose intolerant isn't too bad for you, Wolfe.
    Getting car-sick is a little weird, because I used to travel around by car a lot. Usually, I don't feel the ground moving beneath the car. As for seasickness, can't say I ever got sick on a boat at all. *hugs you back*

    And the thought of letting our inner selves out in our characters too. ;D Sometimes, you can let your character be destructive for you, or say the thing you always wanted to say, but couldn't in real life, you know?

    How long do sakura blossoms last for?

    Luckily for you, I consider you my friend, and happen to know useless trivia. lol. Hmm, can't think of any trivia on hand at the moment though.
    Wow. I didn't know New York had those kind of smells.

    What is ambidexterity? I'll have to look that up, since I don't know what it is. :3

    The Flash is awesome! I've been watching it online. Likewise with Gotham. I still need to catch up on the latest episode of Gotham. Are you watching either of them at all? C:
    I think it'd have been better that way as well. I was hoping she'd at least begone an episode or two then get dragged back into it rather than just ignoring the whole rant last episode.
    lol I didn't think much of it at all. I mean I think it was done better than most so far but it still wasn't worth the hour I sit there to see it. I still feel Clara is a part of the problem as well.

    Interesting, I myself disliked it like every episode this season. However the end part with Clara definitely was a growth I think.
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