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  • Well my weekend was alright after I got those blood drawings over with. xD
    I have a surgery on the 2nd so they're doing tests. Dx

    How about yours?
    Why thank you~

    Not much, just got back from work. D8
    How about you? Your avie is so full of moe that it's bleeding through the screen and I like it!
    Hello random friend request person that I thought I messaged but apparently didnt. o3o
    And sorry for your uncle bro... I got so excited when I saw your post I must have missed it. Hope your alright! ^_^
    Sword Art Online is going strong! No worries there. We're actually getting everything put together and I was just about join with my first official post! There's no posting in the RP thread so this is a perfect time to join!
    No worries. I know what its like to be busy. Real life stuff comes first, and I totally respect that. I'll be busy myself for the next several months, so lots of juggling to be had. C:

    Good of you to stick to your ninja way! Do you feel the same way about it, if you meet somebody in real life that's an actual stereotype jock or reclusive girl? Or do you try to discover what their hidden qualities are? ouo

    I'm right there with you, Wolfe. I like to bend the rules myself, if it means I'll gain something out of it. xD

    Would you ever post your writing projects here on the forum? Or are you trying to be a novelist and graphic artist? :D Its good you're not losing sleep over your rp. There will be many more rps where that came from. Its alright. Sometimes we lose things with modern technology, but what's important is that we remembered our mistakes and can better ourselves in terms of writing! I believe you there! I wasn't that great in 2011 as a writer either. Quite embarrassing really.

    ^ I'm actually going through this right now. xD Like I'm working out because I want abs, but its hard to stick with it, when I haven't seen results from all of my previous attempts of getting them. And I'm trying to learn math right now, but I don't know if it will pan out in the future for me to use. I have a tendency to forget some of the things I learn.

    I totally understand where you're coming from. I happen to think the same way, because its rare for me to want to take the reigns of any given situation. I don't know about emergencies,. I haven't ever been in one. But yeah; laziness or inexperience are my main two flaws, when it comes to getting stuff done, or handling a situation that I know somebody could take care of on their own. Otherwise, its good to not be a pushover either, and not do everything for somebody, or they'll take it for granted and miss out on a learning experience of their own.

    I've heard the same from many other fans such as yourself, when it comes to Naruto. Myself included. After awhile with the Kagyua arc, I ended up stopping midway through until that fight was over and done with and put to rest. So, I read last week's chapter. I hope we both get to see it end on a good note, considering you've followed it for a lot longer than I have.

    You bring up a great point. I've never seen so many people put so much effort into the clothes they make in order to cosplay. The outfits themselves are expensive to buy, but rightfully so, since there was so much effort, material and money put into them to begin with. I might stick to writing, but I really want to cosplay in the future myself. I don't think I've reached that peak in devotion or obsession quite yet. There isn't too many things I'm passionate about; however, you said it the best, when it comes to their differences.

    Ah, is it hard to eat or drink anything, if you're lactose intolerant? As for myself, I get motion sick in small cars because I can feel the bumps in the roads.

    Yeah. Can you ever spot the tiny pieces of yourself that you place inside of a character? Recently, I noticed some of my humor and personality leaked through my character named Zero in this rp I'm in. Its quite weird, since he's originally meant to be a tad serious, somewhat protective of his friends, and takes hits like no ones business. Whereas he's more silly, upbeat and playful in his teasing. ouo Its strange.

    Must be the slowest blooming tree on earth then. Is the petals pretty?

    Actually, in scientific terms, the nose gets used to the strong odor in the air if you stay in it long enough. However, if you plug up your nose multiple times, the odor grows worse. Even if you breathe through your mouth, its the same exact thing. [Its weird how I keep adding science to my convo with my friends lately. I guess it wasn't worthless trivia after all. xD] But I get how you feel overall. I've encountered a few unpleasant smells a few times. Even cleaned up messes that were smelly... but what can you do? On the bright side, we're not nurses.

    Not at all! I have sister that happens to be a leftie. ouo I think its cool, and I wish I could write with both of my hands.

    If you say so. Perhaps its my humble nature speaking for me. In any case, thank you! And you're right, cool people rule and happen to be the most badass of all!

    I'll try! I have a few other shows on my list of fall season television shows to watch. Such as The Flash, Gotham, The Originals and Vampire Diaries.
    I'm alright bro! I moved from Georgia to Texas and now I'm moving back. You know usually I leave the come back, but now I'm here for good. I can't believe I left haha Lets keep these forums rolling! It's about time we stepped it up haha The awesomeness level must exceed scouter level!
    nm, was just brainstorming for an idea I had, playing league of legends (couldn't play Leblanc as I would have liked cuz others couldn't just stay out of the mid lane), and listening to some music :)

    How about you <3 ?
    If I understand this right, then you're saying you like characters who aren't a stereo type, or if they appear to look like one, can have a whole other type of personality. You'd be really interesting to roleplay with, since I imagine your characters could be like that.

    Not at all. I find it quite entertaining and fascinating how in depth you think. So you don't have to apologize for it. This is the first time asexuality has ever been brought up in a conversation with me.

    Definitely, Wofle. ;D Are you the type to bend rules or sneak inside of another movie, after paying for only one?

    Laughter is good for the soul. Or so everyone tells me.

    Its really kind of you to insist on that, Wolfe, and please feel free to do the same. Message when you can, or whenever you like. I don't mind. Speaking of which, I'll be on hiatus for a few days until June 2nd or 3rd. [I need a break from the I-net.]

    Gosh, that is one heck of a cycle. I can't even bring myself to write anything else after some time, or if I do too many stories at once. Do you think you'll ever finish some of the things you write about? I still have to write an RP post myself. Kind of makes my head hurt, thinking about all of the things I have to write. Ah, getting sidetracked, anyhow, I think its good that you write so much. Even if they're incomplete, you can read them later after so many years and take away certain things about it and apply it to something new you're writing. If that makes sense?

    A reluctant leader, huh. I guess some people are like that, even if they do have the skills to lead others around. Or those who are forced into such a position, then yeah, it wouldn't be hard to imagine someone being reluctant to lead others around. However, I haven't joined any of your rps to see you groan from having more work to do quite yet. If that's the case, do you only feel that way about certain rps, unless its something new like naruto and you really want to do it? I get that a lot. Naruto at one time was great until it started to crash and burn the further in we went. I'm still following it, but at this point...I simply don't care. I feel like it could of been done better and all, I just don't feel the need to rant about it, and fan-fiction is the only real reason why I still like it.

    I haven't met a person like that quite yet. I'm actually kind of scared to meet someone who fangirls or fanboys over something for years on end and has every collectible item there ever was of it. I mean, I get that people are passionate about it and all. I just don't want to be like that myself. I can be a fangirl about smaller things, such as mountain dew or my favorite book series: The Mortal Instruments, but I'm not going to force somebody to get into it with me, or anything like that either. So what you say makes sense. And with that said, what do you think of cosplayers then?

    Are you motion sick at all? Or perhaps you only liked riding different rides a lot as a kid? [I'm just guessing. xD]

    I couldn't agree more about mixing it up. I've had several thoughts or scenes in my head of an antihero getting away with so much stuff. I just haven't ever had a story for him. Although, I like a character based off of myself too, since its not everyday, I can have a character push boundaries that I have in real life. Plus its fun to see how others react to your character too.

    Gosh, that must of really sucked. I haven't ever dug a tree out, but there was at least three times where, I had to help carry logs of a fallen tree to be stacked or branches to be pulled into a part of the yard to burn. You'd think trees wouldn't be such a hassle, but they are. I'm kind of surprised the housing committee didn't take care of the concrete and clay that prevented the tree from growing so much. A sakura tree?! Hey, if its not too much trouble for ya, would you take a picture of it sometime, if it blooms? I haven't ever seen one before and happen to like gardens and ect. If its too weird of a request, you don't have to. :3 I do hope it blooms for you soon.

    Yeah, taco bell is so gooood. I like their soft tacos better instead of the hard tacos, since the shell always falls apart on me. Ever have a churro from taco bell? [Not a hundred percent I spelled that right.] I've never heard of a gizzard/heart before and I'm not sure, I want to know what it looks like. So, you have a sensitive nose too? I can't stand the smell of perfume or cologne. I get kind of sick from it. I don't mind the smell of lotion, or sometimes cookies and stuff like that.

    Why thank you for saying so. ;3 Seriously though, its really cool how you can go onto something else, if you're having writers block. I think that's a rare skill not too many people out there in the world. Do you write with your right or your left hand? Perhaps it is, or maybe you have other things you're passionate about and simply haven't discovered them all yet? It makes you more unique, when you have relevant stuff like that to discuss, cause it shows you care about those things.

    You're welcome. You have a point there. Its pretty awesome to know I'm one of the top 3.I feel kind of embarrassed and flattered at the same time about it. Ah, that's good. So many fans of Misha Collins will be happy.

    Has Constantine aired yet? I may of missed it without realizing it. I haven't read the comic books or seen the movie, so I would be going in blind and wouldn't have anything to really judge it off of.

    Plans are nice to have. Gives you something to look forward to. It'd be nice though, if people didn't try to change them without you knowing or throw an unexpected visit, you know? :3 So, you're an atheist? Don't worry, I'm not religious whatsoever, so I don't mind one way or the other.

    Cool. I'll have to look that up sometime, after I get through the pile of remaining stuff I have in the corner. I'm going to say the avatar I had before was Asuna, she was the one with the cat ears and she's from Sword Art Online. If it was the blonde, she's from Madoka Magica and her names Mami. As of right now, I have Riruka from Bleach as my current tag.
    Cool. I almost went with arrows though. Swords are more efficient in taking down a dragon. :D

    Sure thing. I like it! Not sure I'd spend $500 bucks on a comedy though. lol.

    I'm glad you understand, Wolfe. For a minute there, I thought I might of scared you off by saying something like that so bluntly. And that's exactly what happens to me! I get so easily distracted by anime, or I simply want to take a nap after a long day, and forget the world for awhile.

    I'll take your word for it. I still think some are more gifted in leading others in RPs though. :D Yeah, getting support probably proves to be quite useful and seeing what others do, inspires a spin on where to go next. I'll consider asking Pierce more about it sometime. Welcome! Ah, I know what that can be like. In terms of creativity and getting the urge to act on it. How do you feel about Naruto in general then? The antihero reminds me of Deidara a little. (xD) Antiheros know how to throw parties and let loose the most. lol. Must be a troublesome man, if he doesn't follow orders from his superior(s).

    I haven't ever dug a tree before. I do know where you're coming from, cause a few years ago we had this really big garden...it kind of sucked how much weeding it took to do. I'd have blisters on my hands and my back would be sore afterwards. Yeah. I suppose it can be rewarding as long as its pretty. Haha thanks! Actually, these tacos were from taco bell. I haven't personally tried traditionally Mexican tacos before, so I'll have try to avoiding one in the future then.

    Aw, that's too bad. It'd be really cool to RP with you. Think you'll ever play the Persona games then? You don't ever get writers block? Really, its cool that you write so much! :D Nah, I wouldn't call you impatient. If that's the case, then is being creative a passion for you, Wolfe? Oh yeah, I agree with you there, definitely one of the most coolest people I know. Even though, this is like the second time we've spoken to each other and all. I can kind of be silly like that. xD

    What's a bideo kind of game? What kind of books do you like to read? Having friends are nice, and I can relate to laying back on something comfortable to read a book instead. Makes things quieter and more peaceful, I suppose. Only its kind of funny. All of my friends are on KHI. So, it can't get really noisy at all.
    Supernatural is still going?! :O I've heard of most of those shows, but haven't personally watched them myself. I've seen a commercial of Constantine on youtube. It looks promising.

    I think you've already achieved being awesome in my books. xD I can't say I have any plans currently. I kind of go with the flow most of the time, and no, I'm most certainly not a hippy I assure you.

    Also, who is that in your avatar? I catch myself staring at it from time to time.
    That's the first time somebody has ever called me eccentric. lol. Usually its the other way around for me, since I meet all sorts of people on here. Cool. I'm glad I could exceed your expectations. =]

    I guess there are two things you should know about me.

    1. You can call me KK, Kit, Kat, or Sugar Lips. I'm good with any of them, or any nicknames you come up with.

    2. I don't always reply right away. I'll take a few days to do so, sometimes two weeks. Its nothing personal, just how I am. :3

    Is it hard to lead an RP? I've always wondered, but its the first time I've thought to ask someone. I hope the Naruto RP you've got planned works out for you. Interesting choice of words. Is this person literally a villain, or plays as a villain? ouo That's good you've had a good weekend and a good mom's day dinner.

    My weekend has been good. Yesterday, I did lots of gardening, running an errand or two. As for today, it was a good mother's day and it turned out better than I thought it would. Dinner was quite tasty for two days. Pizza and tacos. <3 And now, I'm currently watching Game of Thrones.

    I've only joined about two maybe three RP's since I've joined this site. I dropped out of a KH one, cause the story simply had too many characters, and I wasn't acknowledged enough for my liking. My personal favorite is the Persona rp I joined awhile back, when it first began. A lot of lovely, creative people in there to roleplay with, and I enjoy writing my character. (Valerie,) a lot, because she's a lot like myself. Never considered making an rp myself, since I'm busy enough as it is in real life. As for personal writing projects, I've had a few in the past that made me cringe, simply because of how little experience I had at the time. Nowadays, I've had two that I work on, when I'm in the mood or have free time. :3 I obviously review more stories then write them, and create projects to motivate others to write or to join in on. (Although, they're only successful for a short time.)

    What kind of things do you like to do, outside of roleplaying that is? Got any plans for tomorrow? Are you a fan of anything in particular?
    Hey there, King Wolfe!

    Thanks for the friend request! [I know it's a little late to say that, but I've been busy.]

    So, what up? How many rps are you currently in? Have a good weekend? :)
    So wait, it's a collaborated roleplay? If so, that might be a different situation, since it's also your project.
    I'm mulling over how and even if I'm going to do this. As much as I would like him ignore the order, it's already been established that he knows better than to ignore the Pale One. I'll probably have him open a portal under himself and make it look like he got abducted. Does Lucy need a ride, or is she going to chill with Aiden?
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