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  • Just checking to make sure you got the message, it's Tyronius' turn to wreak some lycanthropic havoc on the Snow Prince in Skyrim 2.
    If Eva didn't get to you already, then I'm surprised I beat her to it. That and you should have seen this coming sooner or later.

    There's a Puella Magi RP up.
    Well, no real rush at the moment. The roleplay won't start until after Eva gets her template up.
    Hey Cort, I was just wondering if you were still interested in joining Gunslingers? I know it died about a month ago, but I'm trying to get it back moving and started.
    I know you're reading Skyrim II, but don't post. There's not much to currently be achieved by directly-written events, so I'm gonna timeskip us several hours down the road.
    That's perfectly fine by me. It adds for great character development. And I don't even know if everyone'll get a bird, it might just be us two. I guess I need to bug Eva about posting :/
    Well that would explain some of what I've seen from that season. I kinda like it better with him working on it. There's only so much you can do with Halo in it's purest form.
    Quick question though. How long has Monty Oum been working on it? I looked at like season 1 and then I saw a preview for season 9. The latter looked more like Dead Fantasy with kick-ass armour than anything.
    And you lost me with the Promise bit. But oh well.

    Yea, I saw that. I meant to check it out but got side-swiped by Red vs Blue. That shit is addictive!
    I just did what I felt I had to.

    ...But I gotta admit. You bein' a friend did kinda influence me a bit. If nothing else, I'm stubborn and loyal. ...Wait, is that a good thing?
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