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  • Oh my god no lol. I've been fighting with depression and anxiety my whole life and I'm trying to take care of it.
    Don't worry I won't say a word. Also congratulations then man! :D I'm happy for you. Eh I'm trying to figure out what I need to do and it's getting stressful.
    Jesus I keep forgetting to check this and dude go for it. Assassinate him. Please. MARRIED?!? How old are you? what what what?
    Time flies by and you don't even realize it. I've been alright, could be better but I'm working on it. Anything new in your life?
    it's based as the sequel to a web series called TOME. and it takes place in a virtual mmorpg kinda like sword art online but the key difference is that you can customize your character's appearance and skills based around the class system laid out by the game
    Yeah, school hasn't started yet for me. I'll be a Senior this year. Thank god. Finally one of the top dogs. xD
    Thanks man. Yeah I possibly might have someone but I have to wait until I'm 18 because they are 21 aha and he told me we'd have to wait.

    Oh, nah man it's fine. I forget about this site all the time. I just remembered it today and got on like "2 notifications...what?" then "ohhhh shit" ahaha. So, sorry!
    Yeah, I was like, "Wait WHAAAAT?!?!?! Noooooo" ahaha.

    Yeah, well that's life, it just sucks aha. Oh, you done with school for good? Well, besides college if you choose to go?
    Well, finished Junior year, been dealing with losing my dad, I mean, like I've moved on I miss him yeah but, just, you have to keep looking forward, he wouldn't want me dwelling on his death, he'd tell me "Don't worry about me." aha. I miss him though. Also dealing with trying to find someone to be with -_- not much luck, everyone is so uptight aha.
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