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King Naruto
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  • Oh God! That argument? Sorry about that. I think I was stuck in my "glory days" while my skill went back to being just average. ...Or was my skill average even back then? Oh well.

    Wait. Superbia is in it too? But yea, it's always good to let things go.

    When you let go of the bad, it allows you to grasp the good.
    It's comin' along. I've already got a name for you to edit into your temp. Other than that, I was just gonna come up with some other abilities.
    Sounds interesting though, I loved most of the stories that I've played through. If you wouldn't mind, I might join in and have some fun when it goes up.
    Unfortunately, no. I've played 1,2,5,6,a tiny bit of 10,12 and 13, but not 9. And, out of curiosity; why do you ask?
    Never got a chance to play that one. I just know that I played the hell out of A-2. Until I finally found my favorite combo. Ninja's Dual Wield ability connected to a Paladin. Two attacks to make them do insane damage, and high defense to survive nearly anything.
    Kinda makes me think of this one Samurai like class from Tactics A-2 Grimoire of the Rift.
    In a way, so was I. I was also thinking of doing something that might be foreseeable. And that's being able to disconnect the two blades to make two swords. I'd need to multi-class with the Ninja to do it, but that's what I always did in FFTactics games.
    Dual blades sword? You mean like what Darth Maul uses in Star Wars? ...Only less glowy and humy.
    I figured something like that. To be honest, I'm not sure if I want swords or spears. And if it was swords, maybe a large two-handed sword. I kinda figured your guy would be a bit more agile.
    ashely:but...blowing things up is fun!
    mizuki*hits her upside the head*
    *faceplam*um...do you want to post first or should i?
    so how do you want the fight in "spirit panic" to go? cuase all i can think of ashley to do is hit it with a thunder spell.
    Alright, cool.

    Ah. Well, she is one of Eva's favorite charas. ...I think. She did have a sig and avvie combo for the Princess.
    Wait a sec! Does this mean that you're changing Dagger a bit and that would made me Steiner?
    That's how my ratty Drow was, but I digress. At any rate, I still like the master student thing. Leaves more room for original content.
    To be honest, I'm more into the Master and Student thing. I had a bad experience in a RP with rats.

    ...I was a Sorcerer in D&D once with armor that allowed him to turn into a rat. One rat versus a good number of primal creatures does not mean good things when you're the rat.
    What's the idea? Chances are that I'll need a good bit of help with the initial set-up. I don't remember most of the personality traits of the charas that I've met when I played the game.
    Alright. Cool, you can count me in. And just because I see an opening, I', honored that I came into your mind when tryin' to think of someone.
    Sorry, I don't have Skype. I'm not on my own computer so I can't get it either. If nothing else, I can also go rape the wiki for the game. My only question is if the charas are cannon or original.
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