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King Naruto
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  • I'll add you once I get ready to launch the beta. And we have to add each other in the game as well because SE likes to be difficult.
    In all honesty I don't even recall the last RP I joined. And I think it's literally been a bit over a year since we last RPed together :x

    Thankfully Eva is p experienced and knows how to host RPs and can keep it on a good pace.
    Yeah it's been a while since I stepped foot in the RP section :c

    My posting has slowed down considerably around the rest of the forums as well since I'm putting some of my side projects on hold for the time being. But yeah I'm pretty much an organization freak when it comes to making temps (p much took elements from you, Dar, Tav and Rena) ;_;
    I've already got Skype. I use it to chat with Eva at times.

    And funny you should mention a FF RP. Eva has got one planned, but she hasn't decided on the specifics yet.
    Well that's dumb. All that time with that name, and they censor it later. They shouldn't have given it to ya in the first place if they deemed it inappropriate!

    But that little rant won't change anything. Where ya been anyways? Life catch up with you too?
    Whats up bro? Just checked out your post in Fragments, at the moment I cannot address it directly because there some stuff going on in the RP bleh bleh bleh. ANYWAY, feel free to join bro! WE'd be honored to have you :]
    Hey, I'm probably gonna be rebooting my Bleach RP if I can get some more people into doing it. I'd love for you to be apart of it again mang.
    Let Unferth tell his story, then feel free to enact your plans whenever and however you like.
    I'm late at responding xD Thank you! <3 Your avatar and signatures are awesome too. I love Vergil from DMC, and Mako is baus~
    Man, that show was so great, the women in it had bigger balls than any of us. And the creation of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was so fantastic you can't stop yourself watching it again. Kamina lives...
    I love how Kittan was all like "you guys are gonna be soooooo sorry you messed with us" Simon's glasses taking cues from both Kamina and Kittan was pretty sweet as well.
    I kind of want more, but at the same time don't because it was perfect and don't want anything screwing it up. A globally released video game'd be nice though. :3

    And in all seriousness, I fully intend to recreate Kamina's glasses one day, adjusted to my eyesight.
    Of course.

    I'm loving the series so far and might consider watching the anime, but am happy with the manga ^^
    I'm curious, and I'm not trying to pressure into anything by asking you this, but last time and now you (and Dar and Tav) don't seem to have shown any real interest in the Shades of Blue roleplays. Can I ask why?
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