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  • Hi, how are you? Also, I'm sorry about this; but I was wondering, are you planning on posting on World Heist soon? :)
    If this ain't the time to jump into the fray, I don't know what is. Not only are there guards and Tempus, but everyone is surrounded!
    Question: What's a sign that things have taken a turn for the worse in the Melodies of Life RP?
    Coooort, here ya go~


    I'm not sure if you like Zero, but I made this yesterday and was too tired to post it up for ya, but here you go~
    They may have a large population, but it would seem that the number of children being born is steadily decreasing each year. Several manga have taken that into their stories. But I know what you mean. Hell even in school it's like that!
    It's about this law in Japan where during the summer that someone turns 18, they are sent off to this type of "Marriage Interview" Camp. Some initiative to increase birth rates.

    For someone like me, that would be a God send. I have zero aptitude when it comes to girls.
    Oh yea. Speaking of romance, check out the manga Happy Project.
    ...Something like that would come in handy for a guy like me.

    And that is one reason that I didn't take the difficulty off easy. That and the fact that I don't like the system used but I wanted the story of it. Just turn it into an anime already!
    The computer? Oh you mean the auto-battle system for that one? I never used it so I did everything manually.
    Never played Mass Effect all the way through, so I wouldn't know. But I do agree that there needs to be more JRPGs, granted they can leave the combat system from Agarest behind. I'm not a big fan of the grid style.
    Yea, that's always a plus. And the fact that not that many games have romance on that level with rewards. ...That is rewards that a little kid can see.

    Finished with everything, btw.
    lol A friend is the same way. But his reason for not finishing it is something different. He got pissed off that he couldn't get past the first set of battles at the start of the second generation.
    No. Something happened that erased all the data. I haven't been motivated to play it since. I think it has something to do with the fact that I was near the 5th generation.
    Sweet. That just leaves smaller things that are easily edited. ...Primarily the bios and my appearance.
    Hmm... I kinda improved Scintilla with an extra move and I somewhat changed Blasting Zone. Other than that, the things are atleast somewhat original creations.
    I was actually going to take things from the Parivir job a bit and add elemtal and status things. Just change up a few things. Like Shimmering Blade is a fire based attack in A2 Grimoire of the Rift, I was gonna make it a light based attack that Blinded the target. But then I decided to stick too closely to the actual jobs.
    I've been meaning to ask this. What do your techs do? Rune Blade makes me think that it's just a simple attack enhanced by magic and Blasting Zone makes me think BOOM!.
    Ugh. Something tells me that I'm sticking too close to what a friend IRL does. The people in the group I hang out with have this rule with RPs. We bend the rules but don't break them. He doesn't even bend them.

    Really? In that case... -scurries off to edit.-
    Sounds good to me. The bit about the attack is also understandable since my guy would have been about 22 at the time.
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