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  • haha yeah, just making absolutely sure. didn't want to invest time and money into it if it wasn't going to live up to my expectations.

    i'll look into it asap. thanks bro.
    the build-up for his return really got me pumped but i didn't care much for the new 52 court of owls arc so i was pretty hesitant :/
    I value your opinions in Marvel-related matters. If there was anything you would want to comment on in my analysis of Iron Man in the Cinematic thread, could you respond with anything if possible? Was hoping for your input if any was available.
    Hrm. If I told you we'd name a law after you, would you reconsider? I think Maroni already has his name on the next seatbelt law, but I'm sure we can find something that fits.
    Definitely been there, man.

    >Took action
    >both found out
    >public douche

    Not gonna tell you what to do one way or another but be smart about it.
    Yo Stooge, I think you might be pleased to hear this. Lego Batman 2 has piqued my interest in Superman. Does Superman have a definitive origin origin story a la Batman's Year One?
    That still doesn't make it problematic, though, and the fact that you'd suppose basic anatomy would never be sacrificed for a style almost blatantly, if unintentionally, focused on sexy poses as compared to delivering action or feeling. And there are plenty of artists who deliver all of the above without these issues. It isn't hard to point them out, artists should be willing to accept meaningful critique especially when it would aid the company.

    Well, again, you're a male. I'm a male. We don't see this things because they don't effect or impact us all too directly in comparison to females. Privilege is an overused word within these circles but really, that's what it comes down to. I think it's stupid, though, because see here though the responsibility in any sort of ignorance in regards to discrimination hinges upon the majority group to educate itself. Random tangent, I know, but you just gotta ask and learn and do your best with what you've got.
    alright yeah that all makes sense. i'm never gonna get through all 1000 something comics in the entirety of the series, anyway. i guess that's why stories are broken up into arcs: so there doesn't HAVE to be any sort of direct links. you can just read that arc as it is and understand that arc for what it is.

    nice advice, man.

    i actually just read The Monster Men 5-part series today. interesting intro for Dr. Strange.
    also, i must say, i'm a little overwhelmed by the amount of "worlds" and retcons and everything present in the batman mythos, so i've been trying to strictly stick to reading post-crisis comics so i don't confuse myself.

    that being said, am i missing anything important by not reading up on Earth-One or Earth-Two batman comics?
    You said it. Luckily, one of my friends works at a local comic book store and she usually hooks me up with good shit so I'll just bring in this list to her and see what happens.
    hey man i've recently been trying to read up on batman comics, so i was wondering if you could recommend some story arcs or graphic novels that you think are must reads.

    I've already got The Man Who Laughs, A Killing Joke, and Digital Gotham, for reference. I plan on picking up A Death in the Family and Year One soon.
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