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  • except stoogie, with the current playing field, its not balanced, not by a long shot, and i'd rather have an extremity of the positive than the negative, lord knows we need it. also, starfire and catwoman aren't necessarily unrealistic in terms of their sexuality, the context for the 'sex scene' in the latter's first issue actually makes sense, but i find the issue is within how from day one of reboot their poses or unrealistic, enviable, and uncomfortable both to actually perform and to view for females; designed to titilate and focus on the goods instead of their other positive traits, which are arguably few and far in-between
    no, but there's an abundance of focus on one as opposed to the other so you shouldn't worry about more consistent probing on the latter

    even if you play devil's advocate in an argument, men often forget that our debates and discussion are worthwhile or stimulating at best; what females argue about, at sometimes to our discomfort and chagrin, almost passionately to a zealous point directly affects then and is their day-to-day reality for a lot
    If I could perhaps bother you, I have a small issue. Like many others, I need to use a proxy server to browse KHI, but due to that issues I can't link or add images to my signature. Are Super Moderators able to change signatures? King Sora X recently made me a set and I can't replace an image because of that. Thank you.
    Basically taking a look at Bryne's Man of Steel and Waid's Man of Steel, talking about the differences of a post-9/11 Superman origin story vs. a pre-9/11 Superman origin story and the implications thereof.
    I'd be willing to throw away stuff to have that desk, and I can't even really be said to follow just Iron Man, let alone all the others. Surely you'd pack stuff away or dispose of stuff to fit such a desk into your house somehow?
    The Avengers Movie Themed Desk - Custom Home Theater and Office Furniture by TSD

    u want?
    Yeah a good chunk of my argument revolves around he never really had the notion of being anyone's saviour. Being special? Maybe. Helping people out (regardless of power as well)? For sure. I own Birthright, but do you think Secret Origin better reflects this argument or should I go with the former?
    i asked you a question bitch

    jk but i'd actually appreciate your insight as i'm writing a paper on the issue. heh heh, an excuse to buy comics as "source material"
    haha That's beautiful. Makes me want to do a piece similar to it but with more alter egos completely oblivious to each other.
    Your sig. Is that ...Logan, Matt Murdock, and Peter Parker in a subway train with Clark Kent?
    Question for you. My housemate is in love with the idea of a hoodie with Tony Stark's arc reactor thingy in the middle. I want to print her one on Cafepress or whatever for her birthday. You wouldn't know where I can get a high resolution image of the reactor, would you?

    If not I guess I'll just trace it in Illustrator and enlarge it myself...
    Think I need your help. Trying to find volume 8 of the Ultimate Spider-Man hardcover collection (collects issues 86-96), but I can't find one for less than $100. Seriously. All the rest have been between $18-30 and every single one after 8 is too, but 8 itself is expensive everywhere on the net. Do you know why this is? Any idea where I can get it cheaper? If I have to, I'll just cop it online, but I really want to own this whole saga. It's my starting point as a reader.
    Every month or so I get a message like this. WHY DON'T PEOPLE JUST TRUST ME IN THE FIRST PLACE ;_;
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