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  • Oh I know what you mean. The guys who flirt with me are okay. They're not so bad. But there was a guy who hit on me when I was taking my driving lessons and he was such a jerk. You know guys who have that cocky look? He was one of them. Ugh. I just glared at him and walked away. XP And I was in a bad mood that day too so I reacted rudely. :p Haha a gay guy flirted with you? XDDDD

    Oh no, I wouldn't say tons... *blush*. I was surprised to have a fanclub, but so touched. I simply love the people who joined my fanclub, they are wonderful. X3 And Roa, haha, she is so sweet and adorable! X333

    I know what you mean!! It happens to me allll the time!! I even once wrote around 5 to 6 chapters which were each four pages long and when I re-read them I just disliked it so much I didn't continue it anymore. :/ I don't think I'm very good either, but I do enjoy writing anyway. :3 And I haven't read books lately, (unless you count school books...DX) I stopped reading a book halfway. I have to finish it after my exams~ D:
    Haha, I don't like it when boys hit on me, and I prefer them not to, but sometimes it makes me feel that I don't look so bad after all because I really have low self esteem about myself. :/

    Oh, witch!! XD

    Well, I mostly write romance because...I love romance. Haha. I also add some humour to it. But lately I haven't been writing because I can never write a good story, and halfway through my chapter I just read it again and feel, 'Nah, this is not interesting at all!' D:
    I wrote fanfics as well. I have a Fanfiction.net and Fictionpress.com account. :B
    Haha! It's a little flattering as well, no? XP

    Oh, old school, like what?

    Cool! A Kairi costume!! XD You're talking about the KH2 version right? I love her dress, it's cute! But a little too short for me :[ And Gir is so cute, I love seeing Gir! When you're done with the Gir costume, can you take a picture of it? I'd love to see it~~!! XDD
    Oh that would be so much fun!! You could dress up as a cute witch!! XDDD I always wanted a witch hat and dress!!
    What kind of costumes have you sewn??
    Oh, that's great!! I don't know how to sew :[ I don't know how to do a lot of things and I'm pretty much lazy most of the time. XP But I love to dance, write and day dream too! There's not one moment where I don't day dream! I also love to sing songs, although I do not sound good. D: Haha.

    Are you in high school? :)
    Oh okay, that's good to hear. XD So what do you like to do, in KHI, out of KHI, during you free time, you get the gist. XDDDD
    Oh, hahaha. I remember you from bond of flame's thread. Oh, I feel a little bad for laughing at your post, since it was meant be a little serious. I hope you are fine now. X)

    I've seen you around the forums too! You say some stuff which makes me laugh. (Although I laugh at almost everything...:/) TEEHEE XD
    you can hit the space bar a lot of times in between what you wanna say and a period/question/exclamation mark, and it counts as 25 char :)

    no "___________________" needed
    yeah me too haha. well i guess we could, just by staying away from school :p
    haha this is my last year, i cant wait to be done. are you going to college any time soon?
    yeah it sucks :( and thats cool, how long have you been out?
    just hanging out. kinda bummed that school is in session.. this week has been toooooo long i want the weekend to hurry up, are you in school
    just wondering. do you cosplay regularly
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