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    The Riff Raff That Comes Drifting Back In When a New Game Comes Out...

    That's Me! Hey, just thought I'd poke my head in. When I was still young and carefree I posted a lot here a few years ago, but ill most likely be lurking while im here new threads are looking pretty decent.
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    Advise about switching majors from IT to History

    So Ive been thinking allot lately about Switching my major... Im about a year away from finishing my General ed and getting an AS in community college. I originally wanted to go into Information technology, I got certified after High school and went into community college for more training...
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    ORG XIII cell phone strap charms

    I stumbled upon these cute little ORG XIII cell phone strap charms on DA and thought I you guys should see them. They really are adorable K8bit's Arcade by k8bit on Etsy ^ here is a link to the shop where you can see the rest of the org.
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    The Nostalgia Thread

    So I did a search and couldn't find a thread like this, so I apologize if there already is one. I looked though I was sitting on the couch the other day and I had a sudden urge to play DDR like ten years ago my mom bought me the game and a dance mat do you guys remember when this game was...
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    (calling all colorguard kids & baton)Things from anime that I think I could spin....

    So if your in Colorguard then you know, lots of things are spinable. besides sabres, rifles, and flags ive spun gulf clubs, baseball bats, sticks anything that's the right general shape, we can work it out right? ;) I even spun a friekin sunflower once! alright so I think it was last year, a...
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    Serial Experiments Lain

    One of my favorites. and one of my first anime's. my older sister got me into it, and looking back on it, I was probably much to young to watch it. but i loved it nonetheless I was really suprised there was no thread on it already. I searched high and low, couldn't find anything. on that note...
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    Gunslinger Girl

    anyone else know about it? herd of it?, watch it? read it? lets talk :)
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    ⌊❂♥ ♔ ~Axel x Kairi Fanclub~ ♔ ♥❂⌉

    Welcome: The Axel x Kairi Fanclub ♔~The Princess and the Pyro~❂ Reasons: ✧ Because its hot ✧ fire x water ✧IT'S SO FREAKING KINKY look at how he drags her >:3 [oops did I just say that] ✧ he tells Sora he's sorry and everything <333 ✧ redheads represent ✧They both came from Hollow...
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    Mickey Mouse by Sparks (you guys have got to hear this song)

    okay so I used to listen to this band when I was little, because my mom liked them, I just recently found the CD we used to have and I was listening to it the other day and dude, you guys have GOT to hear this song. just give it a listen its totally worth it...
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    Who has the best chili cheese fries?

    so everyone says Tommy's has the best chili cheese fries, but I never really thought so, they're meh I like this place by my house, but its not really a chain. chainwise I think I like Wienerschnitzels the best. Who do you guys all think has the best chili cheese fries???
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    My best firend

    so my best friend and me go waaaaay back eventually we were separated because she moved, then our friendship started to fall apart from there. she stopped returning my calls, and answering me on myspace and yata yata yata. but we still tried to be friends and see each other every once in...
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    Mummy Moogle

    I made this awhile ago but i always forget to post it here did it for a project in my digital art class last year I thought it was worth posting. the checked one was inspired by roxa's XD (the html wasn't working so here is a link) Mummy Moogle by ~team-red02 on deviantART
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    Where the hell is the....???????

    post your AMV thread??? I cant find it at all I just made something awesome
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    Zune question

    So I was wondering, you know how i pods play MP4's and you have to convert Mp3's to put them on and stuff and its a real huge pain and once their converted its hard to convert them back. I dont even know if you can??? do Zuune's just play Mp3's or do you have to convert them to a Cretan other...
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    Teaser trailer for the next game in BBS?

    it was posted somewhere else but i couldnt find a topic about it on this site here's the source Nintendo Everything – Our second language is Nintendo++ Blog Archive Secret video in Birth By Sleep teases next Kingdom Hearts title