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  • Well, I'm always open for input; but right now I'm mainly trying to make sure I've got everything set before I start anything. Admittedly, I tend to get easily distracted (not ADD or anything, more like a failed desire to multitask), so I'm not always the fastest person when it comes to setup work.
    Hm... I'll look into it.

    ... no idea why i didn't already. i'll try to get it done by tomorrow.
    I know... I just can't figure out how to set it all up. I have the interview done and proofread... I just don't know how to have it all set up in the thread.
    At some point i felt going through with the story was just too much for me to handle. I guess you could say that i feel like i can't live up to making a good story. I have ideas but then when it comes to putting it on paper it's as if my mind just scatters all my ideas. I gave some pieces of my story to Nevermore. Since then i had to replace my comp, so all my old files are lost somewhere. He should be able to find them if he does some digging.......no wait, i can check my sent messages. Well anyway, it isn't just that.....i make promises i can't really keep online, and even when i try to satisfy others my personal life tends to take a toll on me. Not that i shun my personal life, because i love my family, i love my girlfriend, and i love what little i'm able to sustain my well being with. Somehow though small problems followed me with bigger consequences. Back in 08 i had a car accident, and my mothers insurance didn't cover me and so what i thought was over and done with in court became a huge problem this year back in February were an insurance company had taken my license rendering me unacceptable in the requirements of my job. Now i'm taking advantage of unemployment until i find a job, but even that had bumps as my old job tried to lie about my departure so that they wouldn't have to pay over for my unemployment. I need a job to reinstate my license, but i also want it so that i can take care of expenses on personal stuff for my girlfriend, and my family. Reinstating my license makes it better for me to visit my girlfriend more often as well. Perhaps i'm putting to much pressure in my head, lol. Honestly i just spilled my guts to you, and you just wanted to know one thing, i'm sorry lol...... I really do want to make a story though, i know i have something and i just don't know how well it would go :")
    Hey Hidden, I dont really know you and I like to meet pretty much everyone on the forum, so hello.
    Thank you. :} I just try to help where I can. The one review that I've seen from you was good, and if you hadn't posted it then I wouldn't have had the chance read that text!
    Lol, ignore my last comment, I just saw your post, it was awesome. Thank you for reading my story, I'm glad it's not just collecting dust in the KHInsider archives lol.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed 'global warming', I had fun writing it and I look forward to your comment. I'm shocked that he reminds you of me, and I guess that I should be flattered. Don't let the exhaustion get the best of you; I've been doing that lately, and it isn't pretty.
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