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  • haha I noticed!

    I instantly recognized you again once I saw it, I didn't even have to read your username XD
    Just dropping by to give you a message from my friend.

    "Leave her a random message saying that some Irish chick loves her. Non-sexually."

    I think you're pretty cool, as well. <:
    Okay, so I might be the lost cause of the Graphics section, and sure my work is almost always over-contrasted, but does that really give you any right to judge if I am really the lost cause of the Graphics section. You spent that whole message just saying how, supposedly I'm some kind of whiny bitch or something, but you hardly even know me to make that judgement. The way you talk makes you sound like a pompess ass who thinks their better than everyone else.

    Another thing. You said "little boy" and "kid" . I'm pretty sure that I'm not that much younger than you, or hell, I might be older than you, idk, but point being, you don't have enough information about me to make those kinds of accusations.
    If your thinking that I'm some kind of attention whore who needs to have all of the attention towards them, then don't. I only "call out" people(if you will) if the situation presents itself. By this, i mean if there is some some kind of hint that I feel that people disrespect me in any way. My reason for "calling you out" is purely because, you never ever shown me even the slightest sign of respect. whether or not i didn't deserve it, is not my main problem. My main problem is that even when i did follow the advice everyone's given me(yes i'm talking about my GFX work), you kept on saying that I didn't follow it and that I've learned nothing.
    Okay, so i might not be the brightest person on here, and I might not even be that well-liked, but seriously, is there a problem you have with me or anything. I'm saying this because lately, you've either shown disrespect towards my comments or how I feel about something.

    Case and point: Riel's Halloween's Series thread.
    lol not really just a bit dramatic.

    I had no idea it was you until I read your user name, then I was like wait a minute...
    right on. I went ahead and tried to make my post a little more constructive. Though, I don't know how much help I can actually give him if I'm also in the process of editing my own application essay, lol.
    Is it sad that I noticed the women in your sig are painted up with Pink Floyd album covers before I noticed they were nude?
    Teehee. <3

    But I dunno. Maybe you will be eventually. Who knows. I can't do anything about it unfortunately.
    u know i actually read it carefully and that actually sounds like a lot of sense. i'd have to start with MUCH smaller weights for the squats haha, but it makes sense doesn't seem overly hard. and even though i do want muscle growth, i wouldn't mind taking it at a slower rate to help keep the strength training up to par too.

    i really appreciate the help. thanks.
    i don't even have access to that equipment right now haha. maybe they'll have that at college.

    but did you really eat all that every day? seems like it would get old. is there a replacement for milk? out of all the food that i love, milk is one of the few things i hate. whats your opinion on muscle milk or protein bars as a source of protein?
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