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  • Oh, that's not too hard. Ok, so the what you do is take da youtube link, like dis one:


    see the bolded part? That's the ONLY part you insert between the youtube tags.

    so the tag is:

    「youtube」 IJ1V8VahJDA 「/youtube」

    but instead of awkward japanese square brackets, you use regular ones.
    If I may ask; do you have any examples of your writing that aren't already on the forums that I could have a look at? And, separately, would you mind commenting on 'strawberry swisher'?
    Only when I accidentally click on it. Like today. I noticed I had a few notifications and decided to answer. woohoo
    To whomever invited me to the group: "people who fancy themselves well-read". Thank you, and it's a fun idea, but I know well enough not to fancy myself as such.
    I agree with you. War cannot be justified nor condemned. I guess it's just the way things are. Sadly, not everything can be solved with peace - although it would be amazing if things could be solved with love instead of death. I mean, I'm no pacifist either. But, to just go and start wars without trying at peace isn't the greatest way to solve a problem. At least, that's my opinion. Now, I'm totally against wars that try to accomplish selfish goals. I'm totally against that. I totally agree with you when you say that war cannot be justified nor condemned. I mean, that's a great reply and I respect that. :)

    Thankyou for the interesting discussion, Hidden. :)
    True. War is hardly ever justified. Also, I like your quote. :)

    However, I've also come to the conclusion that War had to happen in the past to bring us to our current future. For example: America would've never risen - ever, if it had not been for the American Revolution. Although peace always needs to be sought for the greater good, I believe Great Britain would've never granted freedom to the Americans inless we rebelled - which we did. What are your thoughts on the American Revolution? Could War have been avoided in the 'fight' for freedom from Britain? And can War be justified?
    It's not a direct translation, I believe the direct translation is "Lark Song".
    However, the direct translation of "song of the lark" wasn't quite as beautiful. =P
    It's my take on one of nature's most beautiful sounds. :p

    The song of the lark.
    It's an old dialect of Gaelic, people who believed the lark sang of the world's true nature.
    I go there sometimes but have tried to stay away a bit more due to the flaming I keep getting, though if I do post there I shall look for you. And it's wonderful to hear from you too!
    Yeah we had to switch to dial-up instead of wireless or cable internet so I could never get on, though now that I have cable internet that does not happen for more then a few days ^_^

    Lol I think I remember but it was years ago... I'm pretty sure it was in fantasygurl's KH/KH2 Joke thread... Yup I'm pretty sure that was it! Though if nor it definitely was in the KH section since at that time it was the only section my parents would let me post in lol.
    Lol you are one of the few who has not changed their names or has even logged on in the last year, I'm trying to find all of my old friends but it's difficult lol. So how are you? I haven't talked with you in ages!
    what i meant was that i was getting my
    apartment settled. Furniture, Entertainment,
    etc. Anything to make it my home, and place of heart
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