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  • Haha Ramza could literally get to almost any enemy any turn and kill them in one attack, it was glorious! I wasn't a super huge 12 fan honestly :/ The story bored me a little, didn't help I didn't really care for any of the characters (I honestly would've preferred to play as Rex the entirety of the game than Vaan, and then Penelo... I hate her). I do have to admit it has an amazingly huge world though, I spent a huge amount of time just exploring the crap out of that game! I've been playing the FFVII Bootleg a lot lately actually, man oh man is it beautiful!

    Silent Hill: Also Silent Hill 2. It was freaking scary, and the opening theme is beautiful! And unlike some, I think Guy Cihi did a fantastic job portraying James, I've checked out Troy Baker's HD redo and although I loved him in Catherine and The Last of Us, he just can't replace Guy.
    Zelda: I think I claim Ocarina most often for nostalgia reasons, but honestly I think I may have enjoyed Wind Waker the best. I haven't played a Zelda game yet that I would say I disliked, but Wind Waker was gorgeous, and I loved the true feeling of adventure from traveling the sea and filling in more and more of my sea chart.
    Smash Bros: Brawl. It has its flaws (mentioned floatiness), but I still really enjoyed it and its updated roster.I thought the sub space emissary was a blast as well, if only Melee had a good little campaign like that I may choose it. Although my all time favorite character to play as was Roy, and I was outraged when he was swapped for Ike. You wouldn't believe how any people say "Well Ike is basically Roy", no, he really isn't.

    Metal Gear: My gosh, I'm such a Metal Gear flip flopper its not even funny. Those games are so good, my favorite is usually whichever one I played last. I look back at MGS1 (which is the only game of which I've ever kept track of playthroughs, I have 9 completed and several unfinished), and it was just so amazing, to this day the original stands strong in both story and gameplay, and I even enjoyed The Twin Snakes remake a lot!
    And I see a lot of hate for MGS2, but I absolutely loved 2! I thought Raiden was a great addition to the team (funny he is voiced by KH's own Axel), and I enjoy the fresh character he brought to the series. 2's ending was also phenomenal, a mind screw for the books!
    MGS3 was the saddest tale of the bunch though, it had the most memorable moments and in my opinion the best gameplay of the series, I truly felt like it was survival of the fittest.
    But the way MGS4 brought it all together, and even let us return to Shadow Moses blew my mind! When I was fighting the final battle up on that roof, and Snake Eater started playing, I got more pumped than ever!
    Then Rising, I had such low expectations and that game blew me away with surprise! It was very fun, and had a good learning curve, I only wish it was longer.
    So you know, I'mat a standstill, how cruel of you to make me choose. I am going to go with MGS2 for now, because that kind of seems to be my default favorite when I haven't played any for a while, but by the next time we talk my favorite could be totally different
    Nice, we do like quite a few of the same things XD And this is a first that I've heard someone else call War of the Lions their favorite as well, man that game was an absolute masterpiece! I actually did a playthrough once where I unlocked Dark Knight at the beginning with my main. I made him a Dark Knight, he used the Dragoon's 'Jump' ability, and he was level 92. It took hours of my characters standing in a circle whacking each other, but man was it fun! And my least favorites are freaking 13 and 10-2. I played 13 all the way to the end too, and then I sold it (which I don't sell my games).

    Silent Hill, Ratchet, Zelda, and Smash Bros. are all some games I also enjoy, been getting into Playstation All Stars lately as well. I haven't played Batman, Civilization, Stronghold or Souls, though I've really wanted to try Demon's Souls. Now Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, both of those are touchy series for me. As far as RE goes, I like 1 and 3 on nostalgia alone (the 1 remake is very well done though). My favorites were 2 and 4 (yeah, I'm a Leon fanboy). And. I. Hate. 5. Man, was RE5 a load of crap. 6 was okay, not great, okay. But 5, ewwww. Then as for Devil May Cry, I have very mixed feelings. 1 was eh. 2 is honestly just really bad. 3 is my favorite, 3 was pretty darn good and very challenging. 4 was also pretty good. The anime, eh. And DMC, don't get me started on why I dislike DMC.
    Well P3P is definitely stronger considering the gameplay, but if you can deal with an AI party, then I suggest P3Fes. I mean, its not like you don't have any control, you can still ask them to focus on healing or support, you just don't have a direct say in what they do. Also, Fes has The Answer, the 30 hour epilogue that is hugely important/difficult. Unless you're interested in the female route to see the different social links, then the story aspect of Fes is superior in my opinion.

    I wouldn't recommend skipping out on Yakuza based only on us not receiving Y5. Each game holds its own story-wise until 4 really. Y1 did kind of set the stage, but Y2 was definitely playable without Y1. Y3 made a few references to the first two, but they weren't totally necessary (3 was actually my first one). And then if you really wanted to just jump ahead to Y3, it has very nice and detailed recaps of both 1 and 2 and you will be completely filled in. Then as far as Y4 goes, towards the end it really starts carrying itself on events of the first few games, but again, if you want to just jump into 4, it also has recaps of the first three games. And each game has an ending, so you won't be left incomplete when you beat 4 just because we didn't receive 5. So basically I'm saying, Yakuza is very worthwhile even without the newest entry.

    There are a lot, but I'll try to hit the big ones. I really enjoyed the Zero Escape series (999 and Virtue's Last Reward). The Last of us was fantastic as well, I generally enjoy anything Naughty Dog puts out but that was by far my favorite. I'm not big into fighting games, but I LOVE Blazblue, such a deep and complex story. Then there is Metal Gear Solid, those are great too.
    There are so many more I want to mention, so I just will. Telltale's Walking Dead, Ni No Kuni, Radiata Stories, No More Heroes 1+2, Fragile Dreams, Eternal Sonata, Team Ico games, To the Moon, Quantic Dream games (Indigo Prophecy was great), and I enjoy some visual novels such as Clannad and The Devil on G-String.
    Man, there are even more too, but I really don't want to bore you with a long list of every game I've ever enjoyed. I guess I like Final Fantasy, to an extent. My favorite was honestly FFT: The War of the Lions, then I also liked 7-10. Versus XIII (or XV, whatever) really looks like it will be Square's saving grace, it looks amazing.

    Okay your turn, lay your favorites on me!
    P3 is amazing! Which one will you play, P3Fes or P3P? And I haven't played Nocturne yet myself, been wanting to give that and Digital Devil Saga a run. And I know, I want some P5 info, or even a console announcement for P4Arena 2.
    Sega buying Atlus? Well, I'm a little scared. Sega has a good track record of not releasing their games I actually play in the west, and I don't want to see that start to happen with Atlus. Valkyria Chronicles 3? Of course we didn't get it, it looked like a huge improvement over 2. Yakuza 5? Nah, it just features some new engines and mechanics seen for the first time since freaking Kenzan. And Phantasy Star Online didn't look all that bad, but I'll never get to find out if it was good or not. This may not be as big an issue with P5 considering Persona's success, but I fear for the rest of the Shin Megami Tensei series, or even the next P4Arena game. They just don't seem to be the kind of games up Sega's alley for western release. How about you?
    Silent Hill 2, I'm so happy to meet someone who just may love it as much as me, it is so underrated! It has one of the greatest stories to ever reach mankind, that game is messed up.
    You enjoy P4G you say? You enjoy challenging yourself you say?! Buy Catherine. Just do it, that game was made for you. It is by far the hardest game I have ever played, getting all gold medals on hard mode was just torture. Beating every level of the arcade game within the game? Added like, 40 hours to my total, its so hard. You can't look up solutions though, that's cheating ;) But yeah, Catherine is right up your alley, and there is even a jukebox in the bar where you can play P3, P4, and Nocturne music!
    And speaking of P4G, I just beat it last night!
    I have the Ratchet HD collection, but haven't played it yet, still working on A Crack in Time. And Yeah, KH HD hasn't been helping the process any haha.
    Silent Hill 2 is my favorite, I haven't played HD (so no trophies for me sadly), but I have played the crap out of my Ps2 copy for sure! So I see you like to punish yourself when you play games haha.

    Some of the harder things I've accomplished was the Blazblue Platinum (damn score attack mode!) and the Golden Child trophy on Catherine (once I beat babel, that plat is mine!). I attempted the level 1 Star Ocean TTEOT final boss, holy hell, I did not succed.
    So, I saw the games you were currently playing include Silent Hill and Ratchet, that is some good taste my friend
    It's easier for us to see users like that when people report them. Also, do us a favour and don't respond to users like that. It just encourages them and makes a bigger mess for staff to clean up.
    Oh xD He didn't mean it in that way either. He's from Australia so I'm pretty sure he is just baffled by how many people have been asking this on American side of things.
    Oh wow! Thank you so much!

    And yes, of course! I'll be sure to send you the link first and foremost when it's done :D
    (bolding the songs so you can just pick and choose, also including the Japanese since I'm not sure how your OST is)

    Personal favorite and overall game theme is "What Becomes of Us / 我ら来たれり" (official English name is now "We Have Arrived"), which is probably the most moving song from the entire soundtrack. Very powerful, very emotionally driven. "Time of the Foundation / 開闢の刻" really sets things up in the game's opening, balancing the whole "children of war" theme out. "Apostles of the Crystal / クリスタルの使徒" is one of my favorite battle songs. "Peaceful Times / 静謐な時間" is a song I could listen to all day. After "What Becomes of Us", it is my other game favorite. "Standing Up / 戦-立ち塞がるもの" is also fantastic. "Weapons of White / 戦-白の兵器", "Echo of the Dreadnoughts / 戦-弩級の響き" & "Something Lurking / 戦-潜むもの" too.

    Fore some less intense songs there is "Choose a Way to Die / 死に方の選び方", "Arecia Al-Rashia / アレシア・アルラシア" (which is very unique and pretty cool), and "Divine Protection of the Crystal / クリスタルの加護" (which I love to pieces and tend to just run around the Peristylium to listen to, not to mention it has the classic FF Prelude in it).

    For something very gorgeous and haunting there is "Lonely Heart / 寂しき心" & "Human Weaknesses and Strengths / 人の弱さと強さ". Not so haunting, but very gorgeous: "Birth of Darkness / 戦-暗き生", "Mood Swings / 揺蕩う想い"

    Songs that are very reminiscent of Crisis Core are "Disappearing Memories / 消えた記憶", "Machina Kunagiri / マキナ・クナギリ", and "Rem Tokimiya / レム・トキミヤ". Also Machina and Rem's arranged themes are gorgeous. They are both very tragic-sounding, which really fits where they play in the game.

    "The Time of Finis / フィニスの刻" and "The Fires of Suzaku / 朱雀の炎" are in a class of their own and I think are best admired after finishing the game.

    The credits roll song "Type-0" is the true culmination of everything great about the OST, though.

    I'd give the entire soundtrack a listen and just have it playing in the background. It's very epic sounding, not to mention very nostalgic at times. As you can see, I've already listed a ton of them and love the whole thing a lot. :x You probably didn't want ALL of these songs xD
    I was a mod on here a loooong time ago. As you can see by my join date, I've been here a while. xD There's a few who still remember me, but I think a majority of the people from my time have since left.
    Thank you! :D It's been forever and a day since I updated it, but I only recently came back to this site. Not even sure how long I'll be around this time haha.
    XD It's fine! (I'm not a mod in that section, anyways) I just wanted to point out the debate thread because I had just been in it, but I think it's fine if you have discussion on the election and the candidates itself.

    Really? Now I feel bad myself xD
    Yeah, because it's battle quotes it does fall under voice acting. No problem~ Just wanted to let you know.
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