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  • Okay. DDD is officially released in North America. Where the hell are you? lol
    I know you said that you weren't coming back until 3D was released in the US so you probably won't read this until long after it's written, but I think your blog's broken.
    I think that has a lot to do with it. And again, what'd be more annoying? "Terra, I missed you!" or "Terra! Aqua! Ven! I missed you!"?
    The former, of course, is preferable by leaps and bounds, before we even begin lining up the hit counts.

    My problem with this is that in Days, it didn't feel quite that polar. I guess it had a lot to do with Days' timespan, letting all the different 'personalities' progress at a similar pace whereas in BBS, the Disney worlds were all lax and then BAM. Never once letting the characters progress properly through the Disney worlds into their next plot world persona.
    KH1 managed to do that.

    Nomura: what is this I don't even-

    I think he should just stick to the character orientation. KH1 was largely focused around Sora and Riku's conflict with Kairi serving as a catalyst. In the background you had Sora's developing relationship with Donald and Goofy, and Maleficent dragging Riku deeper into the Darkness.
    In CoM you had Sora chasing Namine at full speed with Repliku serving a Riku replacement to partially recreate KH1's success, and Reverse Rebirth was one big character development for Riku that lacked any substantial plot to distract us.
    Days too followed more closely to this. While exaggerating at times, it kept its focus around a selected number of characters instead of losing his mind trying to keep track of everyone.
    BBS also had this in a way. You had three story lines but you SAW those story lines because you played the other scenarios, and each character had its defined role - even Aqua, whose role WAS to watch it all fall apart around her.
    In KH2, he had a ridiculous number of characters who were doing things elsewhere. The problem was that you had Mickey and Riku and Namine and Diz, and the Organization. You effectively had protagonists and antagonists and Sora, the series' main, belonged to neither group. He was playing hide and seek in Hollow Bastion and then Light Cycling with Tron. You had PLOT when he focused around a character who had no direct relation to that. In KH1, he was responsive to what Riku did. In CoM, he was a direct pawn - they wanted to mess with his mind and Heart and Memories. But in KH2 they were these god-like entities, shaping Sora's reality rather than Sora himself and that made Sora, the playable protagonist, basically redundant. And that's where KH2 crashed and burned.
    The Prologue? Splendid, a mini-cosmos of CoM revolving around Roxas. TWTNW? Sora actually mattered because he met Kairi and Riku and it was back to character orientation. Now let's have Xemnas give us an excuse for more bonding and SoRikuness and we're all set.
    But there was no substance between those two, sans MAYBE Hollow Bastion/Space Paranoids.

    Which is again why I stress the character orientation's importance over the plot's. CoM? SoNami implications as far as I'm concerned. She was warning him in half the worlds and the other half foreshadowed their story. Days? Roxas and Xion learning stuff.
    KH1? Either you had Sora and Riku interact, or Sora, Donald and Goofy's relationship further explored. The worlds that were "plot" were few and are, ironically one of the most redundant in the game - being Halloween Town (what IS a Heart?) and Atlantica (the whole Keyblade legend thingie).
    KH2 didn't have characters to use like that, only SDG. Which might ironically explain why Kairi was dragged in - to keep more players in the game by also introducing Axel back which in turn gave us Roxas and Sora's conclusion.
    Well initially I thought it would be interesting to have these new bosses

    Then I realized they were all non-canon, so I just focused on how they'd be as a boss.

    I'm the kind of player who enjoys really tough bosses though. Yesterday I got MF down to half a health bar with Ven on critical, but of course he used this one hit KO attack that once more and second chance can't prevent (I didn't realize that to prevent this attack you have a split second to hit X).

    I'm probably not gonna get BBS FM, but I"ll definitely check online gameplay to see how they made these two bosses even worse than MF.

    I could understand why they were added for Mirage Arena though. I mean, I beat Iron Imprisoner IV with Terra on critical this weak, so if three skilled players are fighting together, they're gonna need tougher bosses.
    Ha, seriously. Be strong! :) you're an inspiration...if you fail we'll be disappoint.
    Im gonna try on my first playthrough, I put social links first above all other real world activities and save the dungeons for the last three days before the deadline.
    Oh so he DID mean that! I see.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I never actually bought Days so I only have bits and pieces of its info.

    So what do you think about these bosses they've added to Mirage Arena for FM?
    Hey I have a quick question about a scene in Days.

    On Day 26 Roxas falls asleep and Xemnas says "So sleep has taken you again..."

    Did Roxas fall asleep prior to this? if not I assume he's referring to Ven.
    Hey I got 3 social links maxed now!!!!!!!! Nanako, Dojima, and Yukiko. Im just entering heaven im so close 2 more dungeons after this!
    It's possible, but it could be out my next year's holiday time. I thought the only reason BBS/Days took a while was because of FFXIII and Versus XIII
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