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  • Not unless I know if I can get a job there xD Which being a foreigner, would likely land me somewhere I wouldn't like to be. ;)
    Just some supposedly fancy sauce that was crappy (like a lot of fancy foods tend to be imo)
    This is belgium for god's sake, most meals here can are already high quality. 'Fancy' food here is just different for the sake of being different, as opposed to anything relating to quality or taste.
    I know. Except I didn't even have that. Even the goddamn french fries were covered with alien goop I don't like -_-
    Must be. Sure he isn't an evil warlord bent on conquering the world? Because it takes a very specific type of evil for this.

    (tired because I just got home from a boring ass reception without food. That I like. Dammit people, not everybody can eat fish!)
    Show's pretty good. Not great, but solid. If you watched the movie, please don't let that stop you from giving the show a try. It takes a while before it picks up steam though.
    <Just realised that was the title of the movie> It was actually about the series. Mainly about how some people think it's weird and unrealistic how far the world has progressed in the 70 years between the shows. Despite the fact that we, in our own world, (as I've tried showing numerous times) have equaled or even surpassed that amount of progression in the same time limit. (or less even) And more than once even.
    I know. I just wanted to rage about the Unlimited Cruise thing to someone. :(
    Considering the raging I did in the Last Airbender thread, this doesn't really look like a good day for me. xD
    Don't start up with me xD

    But in all seriousness, I don't consider anime games as automatically better or worse just like with any other licensed game (I am and always will be someone who tries before judging.) There are always pleasant surprises. Batman Arkham series, Ghostbusters, X-Men Legends (don't like ultimate alliance as much actually) and like I said, the DBZ games that were budokai but not tenkaichi and One Piece: Gigant Battle (basically comparable to a DS Super Smash Brothers with OP characters) I heard Unlimited Cruise was good too, though Europe is getting the shaft again: the two UC games were originally for the Wii, they did a remake of both in one for 3DS, yet they're keeping the second one out of the Euro version for stupid reasons :( Basically, they say there isn't enough room on the cartridge for both games because they want several language options for different countries. The obvious solution that worked for countless other games is apparantly too farfetched (namely, give every country it's own version)
    Generalizing isn't a great idea you know. ;)
    But as a whole, anime games are just like any other licensed game. Material that's good enough to work, but rushed for $$$
    Meh, not all of them. I enjoyed the DBZ budokais, Shin Budokais and Advanced Adventure. :p Tenkaichi's where it stopped getting better and eventually got worse though. And One Piece: Gigant Battle is excellent. :p (not just saying cuz it's the only One Piece game I've been able to get due to the rest getting released here being Wii only)
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