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  • ahaha that's geeked bro, yeah lets take his ass to civil court, I demand compensation for my emotional damage
    I've decided I have a love/hate relationship with Xion and Days (my hate for Days coinciding with my hate for Xion, lol: when I love Xion, I love Days; when I hate Xion, I hate Days). When she's being a good friend and isn't overly mopey (I can understand her being mopey, it was just over dramatized), I love her. When she's overdoing the moping and acting all perfect and selfless, I hate her. So you could say I'm neutral now. xD
    Thanks for the kind words. I am going to try the tales series eventually! I remember you on that forum too :) I go by the same user name everywhere so it isnt hard to miss me. My user name might be backwards in some places though (eaglesiegle).
    It was pretty scary at the time, we got stuck inside our house and there was a lot of damage to roads and houses and farmland all around us. Luckily all we lost was some cows. It was very stressful for a while, because of the not-knowing, but no one I knew died in the end!

    I'm back at university now so I don't really know what it's like back home, whether things are all cleared up yet or not, but here in the city it's okay. They cleared up very quickly, and were having movie nights and games and stuff where the floods had been to cheer people up.
    Yeah I know I'm late with responding and everything, but yes, I most definitly saw that information and am quite glad. My wallet..not so much
    I make that much of an impression on people, don't I? So many people I don't remember talking to so much on a personal basis tell me what you did, that they know I can pull through this.
    That I can say without a doubt... I got from him. I'm glad to see it shines through.
    I'll make it through this, and through the rest of my life.
    I owe him at least that much.

    Thank you. So much.
    Sora, as much as I like the kid, is about as bad as Kairi is when it comes to that. Most of the time he's detached from the real plot and most of what's relevant happens to people with his face/that spawned off of him.

    You should've seen me, that first play-through of KH2. Faded-Namine walks up to Sora; my eyes widen a bit. She smiles at him, saying they promised to meet; I start bouncing up and down like the SoNami fangirl that I am. And then...
    RRROOOOXXAAAAAAASSSSSS! >n< *shakes fist angrily at*
    I was ready to throw my controller at the screen, I was that disappointed.
    Grated, it only means it'll be resolved in other games, namely, we'll get to see Namine again in some shape or form, but it only made KH2 that much more frustrating.
    Though I still love that FM+ addition xD
    Sora: So.
    Riku: So.
    Sora: we gonna die?
    Riku: likely.
    Sora: I never thanked Namine :C
    Riku: boo :C
    me: *Squee*

    He did to some extent once Namine and Roxas properly merged back into Kairi and Sora. Though to WHAT extent remains to be seen. That's why he even managed to have that chat with Riku to begin with - he remembered some of the background behind that promise to thank Namine.

    Nah, they're both bi (thank you, Namine and Xion [well aware of the problems here]). Sora just got more emotional and clingy in KH2.

    There was a place-holder for the name with her face.
    xD pfftbwahaha. Go to sleep already.
    I want my adversaries at their peak >:3
    She arguably did just that in KH1 as well. We just saw noticeably less of HER to realize that no, Sora and Riku don't really care all that much, something that somehow became more evident in future games. In fact, I blame a lot of the Org's misguided efforts in kidnapping Kairi to the plot of KH1 - Sora did this and that for Kairi because of the plot so he'll do it again, regardless of love or whatever :v

    Mmhm. Reason #1 why SoNami >>> SoKai for me - Sora told us everything he could about his made up Memories. He told us Namine was part of his group, was bffs with him and Riku, and then showed us that adorable promise scene. Then came their actual introduction and they had to get over their differences. Sora had to come to terms with what Namine really was - and Namine had to let him go. And still at the end, Sora made Namine promise she'd be there for him when he woke up because despite it all, he wanted to have her by his side for real. Kairi-Memory standing right in front of him be damned.

    I can't blame him all that much, because
    1) Riku half forced him into it with the race,
    2) the non-romantic meaning is actually kind of cute. by "sharing" a Paopu, he was making sure they'd be alright and come back and what not. and Kairi justified that will and showed Sora he'll always have a place to come back to in KH2. Home representative ftw.
    And then comes BBS and shows us that no, Selphie, sharing a Paopu isn't all about romance. Thank you, Aqua.
    So I'm kind of ok with it. Too bad the rest of their relationship is gag-worthy.

    Nah, she never made either of them look hetero. Specifically in KH2 ("I LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR YOU! *clings*), but not really in KH1 either. Riku didn't care until Sora got him completely jealousy-tripping and Sora shifting focus once her Heart was out of his Body XD;;;

    Eh. Can't really blame her. She was a lonely girl who just wanted a friend and even then the Organization forced her hand. I doubt she'd have done it all on her own, and she could've just wiped Sora, Donald and Goofy's Memories completely. Made them forget about Larxene and Marluxia and together with Repliku, they'd have lived in a happy world Namine'd orchestrate by constantly manipulating their Memories and making sure they won't remember things they shouldn't have (this is also a great part of why I call bull on Namine saying Sora'll eventually remember Kairi and all that - why offer him to keep his false Memories if it was doomed to fail from the get go?)
    But she didn't. She gave Sora a choice and accepted being forgotten by him. :C Despite not having to do so and basically taking the short end of the stick by force. She's god-moding and she gave it up.
    Gods I love Namine <3 The poor thing ;;

    I prefer KH1 Kairi because even if I believe Riku and she dislike each other, at least she didn't write him off like she did in KH2. There was, how to put it? Active dislike. She offered Sora they ditched him, she rolled her eyes at him. I dislike the girl but at least she was better written overall than she was in KH2.

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