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  • Well didn't he mention a KH-related series he was working on in an interview? But he wouldn't go into detail at all?
    Actually if it's a main game then probably.

    Though I wonder what Nomura will be releasing in 2012 instead. I mean I don't think he'd go out of his way to say that if he didn't mean it.
    Oh you don't?

    Never mind then haha.

    Yeah, even IF Nomura keeps the promise of "one KH game a year", that means that just for Japan, KH3D won't be at least until 2012 (2011's game is BBS FM), which means North America won't get it until late 2012/early 2013.
    Oh no I know you were just pointing out the facts. It really helped though.

    Yeah I read some of your blog, it has interesting ideas on it about this series. I'll have to set up an account so I can start to actually comment.

    lmao hopefully 3D won't take too long to develop.
    well there is 3dness in this game lol. I love the ending theme song, its so sad. LOL I keep posting my responces on my page.
    I see.

    Yeah if you want to avoid spoilers I could DEFINITELY see why.

    In that case, I just wanna say that I actually am GLAD you commented on my threads and shot down so many theories. I had forgotten some points of the series.
    I hope you like it I don't want you to waste your money :(! It is good though I got halfway through the p3p female story and liked it and when I tried the begining of fes I really liked it better than p3p.
    Yeah its different. When you play as the girl you have a few different music themes and the best part is the boy and girl have different social links so its not exactly the same and its fresh.
    Yeah I hope they keep the blog spoiler free. Maybe you should mention that on there and tell people that the blog is spoiler free for 3d. Oh I tried persona 3 fes and it is better than the portable version. The only thing is that its harder. You cant control your teammates like in pf and p3p.
    Yeah I like Yukiko she is my favorite. I loled so hard when Teddie, Yukiko, and Rise got drunk at the club. I'll make sure not to spoil anything for you if I do find out something I promise!
    I figured you would bump up your date to leave once I heard of the 3d trailer. Is there anyway to contact you after you leave? If you don't mind that is :). Oh and yeah I'm at Naoto's dungeon on the 7th floor lol. I finally remember my highest social links. They are tied between Yukiko and Dojima at the 8th rank.
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