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  • I've been hearing about you're famous Aqua w/ a stache and sombrero avatar, so is there anyway you could send me a picture of it?
    Hey, just thought I'd let you know, I put up another chapter for my AquaxVantias story "Forbidden Love".

    Forbidden Love Chapter 1: Comfort in the Dark, a Kingdom Hearts fanfic - FanFiction.Net

    I'd appreciate it if you read and reviewed it. =)

    Did you try to make a necklace out of that keyblade keychain you got at Comic Con? I was just wondering if my tip worked for you.
    don't worry. it wasn't like you offended me to the point where i disliked you... but it's alright. i know we get like that some times
    ehh it's ok. i really don't mind. right now i'm having some problems myself, so if someone is mad at me, i think they have the right reasons to be

    I can't see my conversation with you. I keep getting redirected to some bitch who I don't know but I WANT YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!
    french ppl are pretty sexy lmao ! well at least from what i see in operas/movies lol
    IDK, i find it the opposite. there's nothing real coming out of her. maybe because it's in english.

    like since french was my first language it sounds more natural to me then english. but megumi sounds perfectly real IMO, i think she did an amazing job.

    i really don't care about the voice tone (Low or high). it's the acting that matters. I tend to watch variety of movies, willa holland isn't even the type to be famous for her voice.
    Yes, and one of them is currently in kyoto so it was harder to reach him.

    It does in some cases, but IMO, willa holland's accent is barely noticable and i do find that's the one thing willa holland lacks, "character". although everyone loves willa holland for "sounding" older and tomboy ish, i don't like the level of acting in it. that's why i prefer megumi over willa. That or i might buy the french version.
    true, but rossio in ff7 DoC spoke perfectly fine in japanese without any accent. Either way, i'm just saying it's not always the japanese that push the accents. maybe in the englsih version, but not japanese.

    aqua does not have any accent whatsoever (i just asked a few friends online that know japanese and all said aqua has no particular accent).

    so aqua's english brittish accent might just be willa's actual voice.
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