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  • Can I go on and start or should I wait for Key Weilder to officially approve me? He said I left something out which I'm pretty sure was the "What lies beyond the door..." part. I added that part and he said he would approve me after I added it. He hasn't been online most of the day so I understand why he hasn't done it, but I was just wondering what you thought.
    Sure. :) I'm still a little fuzzy on the details of who they are and what they stand for, so how would you like me to play them?
    Yeah, the editing feature has been rather picky lately. The quote is showing up, but there are still two Keyblades. xD Everything else looks fine, so I'll add it to the OP once you take out one of the Keyblades. :)
    The only thing I'm not agreeing with is having two Keyblades. It makes sense in KH canon, but only when someone is either harboring or connected to two hearts at the same time. You can keep one, but unfortunately not both. Once you decide which one you'll keep, could you also put it in a new post with his quote, please? I'll be linking to it from the OP, so I want to keep the two characters separated.
    Looks good to me! :) I'm assuming that Void Mode is similar to having the "Berserk" ability in the games; just make sure that it doesn't make him too powerful and it should be just fine.
    Whatever dude. I doubt your disabled or anything like that. Even if you are, that doesn't matter because your quality was just not up to par with what I'm expecting. And FYI, I did tell you what was wrong with your posts, and told you what you could have added, but you didn't listen. But whatever, shit happens, and all we can do is move on from here. A good day to you.
    Grandsword, I really hate to be the one to say this, but your posts are not adding anything to the rp, and to be honest, their a pain to read. Let me not to forget to mention that your posts are just too short. You didn't abide by the rule I put. A paragraph is a well-constructed sequence of five solid sentences. So, due to that, I am afraid to say that you are out of the rp. I apologize this, but it must be done.

    -King Sora X
    1. It's called patience.

    2. The other creator is posting next.

    3. Don't rush me....ever unless it's faithfully needed.........only time i'm saying that

    4. Not to be rude but, work on making those posts more then just one line.
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