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  • Kataki's shadow impostor sustains severe damage from Chizuma's fire bomb attack.
    In a last ditch effort before he takes the frontlines, Kataki attacks head on.
    Kataki seems to have an ulterior motive that makes him not want to harm Chizuma, but still gain the trust of Darien.


    Sums it up pretty well I think. The main part of the post was to show that Kataki isn't all that meets the eye, really.
    Megaman NT Warrior was only localized. Axxes had the last episodes translated. Stream, Beast and Beast+ stayed on Japan. Then there's the Starforce Anime which, I think, the first two episodes were the only ones that made it (the ones that were coupled to promote the game).
    Meh, they only translated the first season and the last episodes of Axxes. The other seasons weren't localized, dunno why.
    On Luke? Sure. On Llyn? Nah, let her suffer for a while; she's not in a very good mood, so that should keep her grounded until they get out of there.
    meh, if you really want to you can use then, just know he'd be messing around with stuff he's not familiar with.
    Thanks a ton for your re-caps! I'm back now so after I'm caught back up I'll get back to posting! Thanks a ton man!
    The link for your request in Aliquam Revolutions is dead. You need to find another way to link the image.
    "Looks like she's checking out that group down there. Maybe she'll help him if he gets in trouble." Luke starts heading towards the destination of the gir-lady.

    There are two gir-lady's mentioned in your post.
    Personally, I think you went a bit overboard for a simple fill-in for late posters. I'd probably save something like that for a sequel, if there is one.
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