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  • Thanks for the offer, but I'll politely decline. I'm already invested in a few roleplays to occupy my time.
    Yeh, I checked it out. I might put a template up a little later. I'm not sure because of stuff that I'm doing in my real life (girlfriend, college, job, etc) and I'm also already on two other RPs. I'll try to decide soon and have a template up by the end of the week if I do decide to do a third.
    I also just realized, I want to a video game designer/programmer and Voideus is a character I've had in mind for a long time, but I've never had a good name for him. I thought up a whole game series and have been slightly adding and refurbishing the story of it. The bad guy's (a lot like Voideus) original name was Triumphant lol. I don't know why I called him that.
    Did you see my latest post on Keyblade War? Was my handling of Drakona well, good, great? I'm just trying to figure out if I should keep him as a character because I'll either make a new template for him or I'll have him die of old age?
    Hmm, I'd have to think about it to be honest. The concept seems pretty interesting, I'll admit. If others show interest as well in an OOC thread, then I'll certainly help out. I don't wanna go through a whole bunch of trouble for an RP that no one wants to get in on.
    I don't know dude. I'd need more information before I commit to anything. The premise, story "power level" of characters so to speak, stuff like that, before I can say yes or no.
    Depending on skitties first post I may plan to have Castex run into your giant sword wielding character... cant remember his name at the moment.
    I'm typing now actually. When I start describing how Drakona is, its just a desciption of him from Johnny's point of view. I'm not trying to powerplay or anything.
    Okey dokey, I wasn't sure if Voideus sent him to some other world instead, lol.

    I'll post in a lil bit, I'm eatiinnnggg.
    Kk, just wondering, What world did they go to? I wanna know before I post so I can have a decent idea of where they are.
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