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gene chaos
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  • Yo gene you powerplayed my character, you didnt even give bone a chance. Dont worry tho, just make sure about it next time. XD
    But wait, theres more!
    Morgan Freeman has a black cat with green eyes on his head.

    Logic, huzzah!
    Haha yeah I agree. I'll see if I can somehow get over. If worst comes to worst and the Rp dies, we can always make a separate challenge on the Battles section.... if you dare challenge me that is :)
    Hey, Akans posted and I'm about to do the same. You should get one up here soon too so we can keep this alive.
    That'd prolly work best, though leaving a visitor message is always an option.

    I donno... I feel like this is all a li'l crazy
    To be honest, I sorta did too. Though the arrancars would have got involved once we entered Hueco Mundo...

    I'm lost as to what we should do at this point though. Just let it die? I was enjoying it.

    I say we either ask Skitty for control or perhaps make a spin-off? Just quittin' aint really my style.
    Toooootally, lol. It will be interesting to see what Ubi does with his uber characters...

    Still awaiting confirmation by Skitty.
    That's exactly what I want.

    It'll be straight up war. And that is where the TRUE battle of this Rp will take place in my opinion ;)
    Hmm.. I had the portal chasing thought too, but it ended with me being fucked up in Hueco Mundo.

    I think I'm just gonna get pissed that they escaped and demand Central 46 to let me take a squadron into the hollow world... lemme ask Skitty.
    Hey gene, do you have names for these creatures you keep thinking up? I'd like to adress them as such in my coming post.
    I was planning on tombstone'ing Gene, and sinking him into the earth, in a cophen lower and lower until the pressure finally crushed the cophen.
    Sounds pretty epic xD.

    To be honest, I wanted to challenge myself with the character I used. Its been years since I used a character with basic abilities, and engaged in close combat/melee the way I did. The battle itself is something I'll be writing into my character's history most definitely.
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