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gene chaos
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  • lol i say we end this otherwise i had a last ditch effort to paralyze ur body and drop a huge ass skyscraper on us, i would prefer not to committee double suicide so , i say it shall end i'll post up with us coming to a mutual agreement or some thing.

    Though i am happy i was able to last this long against you.
    Its that or I start using metalbending to rip the foundation of your attacks unless you can find away around that.

    Other than that, its basically even, and I'd like to write this into my characters history, when it ends? WILL IT EVER END? lmao.

    In order, I basically used one of five ice drills. The first taking out the javelin, the the others came from below (the sewers) and wove the space around Gene. Freezing, then the drills were the spinning locks, dissolving to like something of a spinning hose blasting water to fill up the dome. The dome is more or less mounted by a pillar of ice, which is how water transfers from the bottom up along with the five ice drills (acting as hoses now).
    lol, i love how u explain but just to clarify i'm not stuck in the dome correct, with an ice wave coming straight at me? sorry i can be a bit slow
    Gene before my post
    [building]___ ->Reverse polarity(Gene)magnetic field<- (explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) _______________________Calintz.

    Gene after my post.
    [building]___ (Ice-------drill>flood.[->Reverse polarity(Gene)magnetic field<-]flood<drill------Dome)
    yep, it will take the form of a male skinny pale, long hair, no mask(funny for the original hollow) and the original soul reaper Erebus
    I think what you revealed was good, it hints at what is going on. So Nyx is the name of the orignial Hollow?
    I'm good with my characters, and thanks for kick starting it, gene. But one quick question, who's door did they knock on?
    just kick shinigami ass, note their made out of pure dark energy and has a great control over it. so u should win. control them when u need to increase drama or story line needs
    Oh ok, not sure if its wise to let me be in control of them(since I'm not that good at rp's yet) but since no one else that's an arrancar is on I'll try.
    Wow, that's a LOT.... thanks for the summary tho
    I'll see if I can post soon, but don't get your expectations up, lol. I got exams in a few weeks and I'm ready to cry blood >_>
    Lol er I've been kinda out of the loop in the Bleach Rp....

    I've been telling myself that I'll go and read everything and catch up but I never do >_>
    I'll post and everything, but could you give me a short summary? I'm a bit lost xD
    This tag.

    Quote me, I don't recall saying that.

    How?? In many ways, posting specifics, actually describing what you might be doing, stuff like that. Thinking around the box. blah blah
    Awesome, thanks! Uh what you posted is fine, if you want Izanagi to react to Amalia's reiatsu that's up to you but the post is fine as it is!
    For you. Yay!!!

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