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gene chaos
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  • Haha no I wouldn't buff him up any more, no. I'll just modify some of his skills so I have more potential to one-shot yo--- er, make ties and stalemates less likely. *coughs*

    But I myself might not be able to keep up either, lol. I have a crap load of work to finish and I'm procrastinating right now by going on KHI.... lol.
    Lol if you want. I don't mind cuz.... the Rp's kinda dead xD

    We could continue this in the battles section if you want. But if we're doing that, imma going to modify Clement so we don't get locked in an endless stalemate, lol.
    Alright I was thinking you should have Ninas bad personality,jabba, try to kill Ice for siding with Bone and trying to kill them by shooting maya.
    Lol that attack seems familiar. Just a tiny bit xD

    Fine, if you won't let me hit you, I guess I'll just have to move to a place with no vectors....
    *dramatic noise*
    Aw you cheater, you followed me out with a teleport.
    Lmao, alright if you don't want to go down that easily, I'll have to start playing my really cheap cards :D

    Sucks that we have overly similar abilities, lol. Guess we'll just have to fight until one of us powerplays and gets disqualified.
    Well you do realize that both of our characters can 1-hit ko each other. Clement can warp your organs till your stomach's on top of your lungs, and then teleport in a bomb... Trey probably has some cheap tricks also, if you're taking the Accelerator fight style.
    Lol if we're going all out, bring it on xD

    Let's see you get out of this mess first though, lol.
    Well I've been a mem fow a while but I don't come on too frequently. That and since there would be too many BBS spoilers if I came on the forums I haven't ben on in a while.
    No problem. I'm kinda entrenched in work so I don't mind that much, lol.

    'cept I'm kinda confused with your attack. Maybe I'm just dumb, but .... what did you do? xD
    Well I'll give you that hit, and the next post. But this will end on my next move... after I summon Toma of course.
    Most originally from a ridiculous close-up of Superman's face in a certain cartoon series.

    Since then it's been appropriated by 4chan as a colour-in template, with some terrific and hilarious results.

    Here's the original.

    Oh no, Clement was just testing your powers. I'll be ending this very soon..... *evil laughter*
    Though I need to start brainstorming some sure-kill strategies against a tree I can't touch :p
    You should join the devilish rp and we can be criminal partners, the rp is in its early stages which should give you enough to catch up. XD
    Oh I see, you actually did fire them. Since you were writing in future tense, I thought you were just preparing them to fire in the next post. I'll go edit, lol.
    Would be great but I doubt it, Since I left it died down alot but whatever happens happens. Anyway you in any other rps?
    Hey man, how is it going? Looks like Hawthorne is dead lol, we had a good run. What you been up to? Well just dropping by to say hi.
    lol, i guess you are. I spot one everytime in your posts when trunks does something a bit odd.
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