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gene chaos
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  • orly? New York?

    ....that's a big city.
    So how'd you learn Chinese? I'm assuming you have Chinese relatives but I could be severely mistaken :p

    (FYI, my Location thing in my posting box says that I'm from China xD)
    Shanghai, lol. I'm a big city guy.
    Actually I don't like cities that much, but Shanghai's cool... 'cept the weather's been insane recently. It snowed a week back - in the middle of frigging spring. And it's borderline summer, but the weather's still cold enough so that we have to wear jackets and crap.

    xD Where are you from?
    Hey gene chaos, I'm awaiting your post in Primitive. You, Joeseph, and Nero are currently fighting in the town square, Joeseph being on your side.
    i'm not ichigo being super powerful but getting his ass handed to him in almost ever fight. we'll let sertsa run for now next time Lan will figure a way to kick zariels ass.

    the funny part is if it ended it like that in a manga book it would cause the readers to be mad and then it forces them to read on.
    Yeah cuz what your character has is high damage kido and powerful melee.
    Kido doesn't really work on Zariel (except really high level ones), and you really could have defeated me easily in melee if I didn't have Speedgear.

    Though really, you leaving just as I pulled out Speedgear? D:< Anticlimax! T T I wanted to actually use it, lol...
    I'm still sealed, kind of. I half released.

    Btw, my creation thing can last forever. The thing Zariel created. After I create it, it doesn't use up any more reiatsu, but they will die after 1 hour (though I doubt our battle will take 1 hour)
    Hey gene chaos, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you are in my RP, "Primitive". We just need one more character and we can start, so spread the word and thanks for joining.
    bring it 4th division captain!! :D hehe.

    btw that sorbika guy s sure bringing a lot of story into this. makes me wonder have we been fighting with our seals off?
    ugh double post :p

    Actually, screw, I'm going into Bankai. Go into your vizardy mode and let's settle this.
    ah no hueco mundo then my back story is flawed or i'm the first soul reaper to enter hueco mundo!! alright sertsa!!

    agreed i don't want to be the first either makes the person feel weak...
    This Rp isn't canon, meaning Hueco Mundo duzn't exist xD
    My char duzn't know about it cuz its not there, lol... I think we've gone over this in the OOC thread b4 u joined :p

    And have you looked at my temp? Zariel's shikai is pathetic compared to his bankai. I want to go into bankai, but I don't want to be the first Captain to be forced into bankai xD
    ya but still thats an awesome ability mines is purely combat. to be honest with you i don't see a way for sertsa to win without his mask. man i'm in love with your character.
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