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  • nah i dont think theres going to be a new character, why you ask?
    well if theres a new character nomura will have to make more games to explain who he/she is and where they were in KH1 and KH2.

    the new game will either be about mickey or the keyblade war
    well im guessing the secret ending has to do with the new game nomura said.
    but like most trailers, theres going to be fighting, and i think we will see someone we know in the trailer.

    what about you?
    I wouldn't mind new charecters for a spin-off or another side-story. Just that, with KH3 we have the probable return of the apprentices and other organization members, Xehanorts probable return, SRK, MDG, along with any Final Fantasy and Disney charecters they throw into it.
    So you think someone else'll pop up in KH3? No offense, but I hope not. D: We got enough for that plate as it is.
    Yeah, but I think they'd have more then just one new one. Perhaps another trio, or a duo.

    And, if the secret ending shows yet another side-story, I will be sad. >: I WANT KH3 ALREADY D:
    Really? I'd expect to see that sort of thing in the spin-off series they have planned.
    Hmm... Perhaps Multi player with Sora and Riku. ^w^ Would finally be a way for my sis to stop complainin' about how I find things she can't and always getting ahead of her. [also, it'd just be fun to play around as Riku, his moves were far too limited in KH2].

    Oh, and for it to be the last with Sora, Riku, and Kairi. The three've seen so much already.
    your welcome XD
    and thanks.
    well im a big fan of japan, i like the things they do and I've always been interested in it ^^
    ahahah i see XD im trying to learn japanese so im going to be more messed up XD

    and i see good for you :D
    ahahahaha im good at speaking spanish but when it comes to reading and writting it i suck.
    but the most funny is that me speaking english sounds bad but when it comes to reading and writting english im good XD

    im so messed up =.=
    orale que bien :D
    pero el problema es que no soy muy bueno al escribir espanol....
    i see XD

    its ok i guess but if you do that in threads then you will get attack like crazy since that would only make you look like a little kid
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